What is a Computer system and Explain Basic Computer Parts

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A computer system is a set of hardware, software, and data that together form the basic components of a computing system. Here are some important characteristics you should know about computers.

A computer that starts as a “phone” that receives an address receives an order for processing by sending it to the computer. It then sends instructions to send the data it received to its own memory. The main purpose of the computer is processing data; that’s the most important characteristic of a computer.

The motherboard is the first device in a computer system. A component in its own right – a circuit board, which controls all other devices on the computer (or at least one). Each motherboard has two slots that allow for attaching two cards. One slot is used to install a drive, the second is a power connector, and one is an expansion port, allowing for adding storage or batteries that you can plug into the computer to use. A power connector allows the user to connect a portable machine to a desktop computer using a power cord.

Typically the motherboard contains a large number of drives, making them easy to find when troubleshooting. A CPU chip is usually placed on the top of each motherboard where there is an electric current to provide electrical power for the computer. When it comes time to upgrade or replace the computer, the motherboard has another function in place. This function is to add more storage space available for files or programs.


You can also put your computer in charge mode to get out of storage space quickly. If the CPU is too slow, your computer will not operate properly. In general, this means replacing the processor in a standard desktop computer with a higher performance processor (such as Intel, AMD, etc.) so your computer runs more efficiently. A hard drive is located under the motherboard and holds and protects your data. Your computer relies on the hard drive to store and access all your data, such as photos, music, video, and many others. Hard drive space requires the computer to be plugged into to use it, which is why you often see an adapter connected to your laptop. Many laptops are only compatible with certain motherboards.

Most computers today come with USB ports and they enable you to connect a variety of accessories to your computer. Some of these include wireless headphones, DVD/CD player, flash drive, headphone jack and a mouse. USB is the most common port used on many modern computers, but many others (like PCI-C) exist. For most people, this is just the keyboard and sometimes the screen. Having USB means that your computer will be able to use any of your computer’s peripherals like a printer or television. Without all this you are stuck sitting around a room all day long in old hardware. So USB is very important to have if you are doing anything remotely productive with your computer.

Another important feature of a computer is its operating system. An operating system manages everything that your computer does. There are two types of operating systems on your computer. An enterprise operating system maintains everything that’s needed, so it works well. However, for every single person using your computer, she or he can only do so much work with it. That may be a problem because you have to switch between different programs (even though you’re computer is running a specific program) if something goes wrong or, worse the computer crashes.

Enterprise is less expensive to maintain, but the downside is your computer would run slower. Since you probably need to keep track of files that the computer supports, a personal computer is best for everyone. They consist of fewer programs and give each person a little freedom to run whatever he needs. Personal computers are usually bought from someone else or from a local hardware store, since they aren’t cheap and require a lot of maintenance. A typical personal computer is different than a business computer. Normally, most personal computers come with a CD drive and a floppy disk drive. These are used to transfer media to and from the computer. Usually, they have a built-in speaker, either speaker headphones or an external speaker. Both the internal speakers and external ones make sure everyone gets a good sound.

The next step of how your computer performs is its motherboard. The motherboard connects to the rest of your computer and helps it function. There are three types of boards out there. Two types of boards are called straight boards. Straight boards are found in older machines.

These are usually made from copper wire and have four pins. With a straight board, the back panel is connected to the front panel. The third type of board is called dual-board and consists of two identical boards arranged side by side. To connect a new motherboard to your computer you simply take off the original, put on the new and swap the back panel forward. Then, plug the back panel back into the battery and turn on the computer. Now your computer starts up and running nicely!

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