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war full movie download filmywap
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War Full Movie Download Filmywap leaked online. In this post we will talk about War full movie download filmywap in detail. War is action and thriller film which is directed by Siddharth anand.

War Movie budget is around ₹150 crore and War movie box office collection is around ₹475.5 crore.

war full movie download filmywap Trailer:

war full movie download filmywap Cast:

Hrithik Roshan – Kabir
Tiger Shroff – Captain Khalid Rahmani(Saurabh)
Vaani Kapoor – Naina Verma
Ashutosh Rana – Cornell Sunil Luthra
Anupriya Goenka – Aditi Nahta
Dipannita Sharma – Dr. Mallika Singhal
Soni Razdan – Mrs. Nafeesa Rahmani (Khalid’s mother)
Arif Zakaria – Dr. Utpal Biswas
Mohit Chauhan – Vijay Kumar (V.K.) Naidu

war full movie download filmywap Story:

A mysterious sniper is contacted by an obsolete spy agent, V.K. Naidu, located in Delhi, to kill a goal, Farid Haqqani, by a space. On the other hand, the sniper rather shoots Naidu, and leaks. He’s shown to be former RAW representative Kabir Dhaliwal, considered among the bureau’s greatest who’s gone rogue.

Soon afterwards, Kabir’s former manager and RAW joint secretary Colonel Sunil Luthra relays Kabir’s betrayal into Defence Minister Sherna Patel, that requires the bureau to rally Khalid Rahmani, yet another RAW representative who had been formerly mentored by Kabir and will be in absolute amazement of the prior mentor. A flashback reveals Khalid’s debut to Kabir, who queries Sunil about Khalid’s devotion to the country, asserting that Khalid’s late father, Abdul Rahmani, was a traitor to both the country and also to Kabir himself once he shot. Nonetheless, in complete amazement of Kabir, that he sees as a significant inspiration, Khalid insists he will serve his nation, regardless of what, and recover his family’s honor.

Following a successful mission in Tikrit, Iraq, Kabir chooses Khalid into account after discovering that he’s a blind spot in his proper peripheral vision when planning a weapon, to which Khalid clarifies his dad’s standing led to him as a child being hurt in the ideal eye by school bullies that impaired his eyesight.

Kabir, nevertheless, finally accepts Khalid after viewing the affection and love he expresses for his mommy Nafeesa, his nation and for seeing the way he’s shown his value. Kabir currently inducts Khalid to his special forces group, which contains fellow area representatives Saurabh, Prateek, Muthu and Aditi. Kabir intends his next assignment, which will be aimed at criminal mastermind and terrorist- businessman Rizwan Illiyasi.

The group captures Illiyasi, but he shows to Kabir that there’s a mole in his group who’s completely faithful to his terrorist origin. Killing Prateek and Muthu, Saurabh shows himself as the mole; blinded by greed, he’d approved Illiyasi’s supply of almost $100 million to betray his nation. Kabir, who almost succeeds in recapturing Illiyasi, is taken unconscious by Illiyasi’s guys. He wakes up in hospital a week after to locate a badly injured Khalid, also regaining, who informs Kabir he has murdered Saurabh.

From today’s Khalid struggles to locate Kabir but neglects. He manages to locate Kabir and learns his second goal is Dr. Utpal Biswas. Kabir is observed doting to a young woman named Ruhi Verma. He recalls about Ruhi’s single mum Naina Verma, who he’d begun a relationship with to be able to make her perfect civilian advantage. Upon learning of his true individuality, Naina becomes more mistrustful and reluctant to assist Kabir but insists to keep on helping him to get her daughter’s sake. Naina is delivered to spy Illiyasi’s partner Firoze Contractor. But Kabir, that has been connected with Aditi, learns from her that one of Illiyasi’s most contacts is a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mallika Singhal.

From today’s Khalid is not able to stop Biswas from being murdered by Kabir. After Khalid attempts to convince Sunil to provide him one last opportunity, he’s fired.

Khalid traces Kabir through Ruhi and comprehends that Kabir is really targeting partners of Illiyasi, known as”Rook” (Naidu),”Knight” (Shroff),”Bishop” (Biswas) and an unknown”Pawn” and is about an undercover assignment to recover a driveway using a secret signal which Illiyasi needs. In Kabir’s hideout, the two of these are assaulted.

They fight the attackers off and also make it into Aditi’s wedding Kerala, whereupon they recuperate the driveway with the key code which Illiyasi needs. But following Kabir hands on the driveway , Khalid poisons him TTX whilst still sharing a drink with Kabir on his ship. A flashback to the chase involving Khalid and Saurabh shows Khalid being shot dead by Illiyasi, after which Saurabh undergoes plastic surgery to disguise himself as Khalid, like the way Illiyasi had changed into Contractor.

Illiyasi enters the code, including the coordinates for a Indian army satellite tracking the Indo-Pakistani boundary which supports communications for Indian army forces in distant places. Kabir, who was presumed dead by Saurabh, parachutes aboard, only assaults the boat and removes Illiyasi’s military.

He faces Saurabh, showing that he had understood that the latter wasn’t Khalid, having noticed him aim and take a sense that Khalid could not do because of his diminished vision, and for his decision to drink alcohol, which Khalid prevented because of religious beliefs. Hencehe place Aditi to spy on him had acquired an antidote for the poison in his drink.

Additionally, he’d handed Saurabh the incorrect coordinates, which turns the missile round in the atmosphere and straight back towards the boat. Deciding Illiyasi is now helpless, Saurabh shoots him dead from the confrontation and leaks. Following an extreme and bloody struggle in a derelict church, the church dome falls on Saurabh, beating his face and killing him.

The intelligence bureau honours Khalid posthumously because of his sacrifice since he put down his life so as to rescue his team and nation with Nafeesa getting an award from the Prime Minister. Kabir, who’s still considered by the bureau for a traitor, spends some time with Ruhi, also proceeds with his following undercover assignment following a short dialogue with Sunil.

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