Vip 2 Full Movie Tamil Download Tamilrockes

Vip 2 full movie Tamil download tamilrockers

Vip 2 Full Movie Tamil Download Tamilrockes leaked online: In this post, we will talk about Vip 2 Full Movie Tamil Download Tamilrockes in detail. vip 2 full movie directed by soundarya rajinikanth.

Vip 2 full movie tamil download Tamilrockers Cast:

1.Dhanush 5. Samuthirakani

2.Kajol 6. Saranya Ponvannan

3. Amala Paul , , 7. Ritu Varma

4. Hrishikesh

Vip 2 Full Movie Tamil Download Tamilrockes Trailer:

The film opens two years after the occasions of the principal film, with Anitha Constructions Civil Engineer Raghuvaran (Dhanush) winning the Civil Engineer of the Year 2016 Award and is a leader individual from his organization now, alongside a parking space. His significant other Dr. Shalini (Amala Paul) turns into a definitive, annoying spouse who controls him.

She has left her responsibility to deal with the family, after marriage. Raghuvaran is likewise pretentious about his significant other landing another position. Raghuvaran effectively finishes development projects doled out to him, with the assistance of around 200 jobless youthful common, mechanical and electrical architects, who are his companions. Vasundhara (Kajol), an executive of a major development organization in South India, Vasundhara Constructions, witness the declaration of Raghuvaran’s triumph at the Engineer of the Year 2016 Awards and gets some answers concerning him. She makes Raghuvaran a bid for employment, yet he submissively declines.

Afterward, Raghuvaran’s task group and Vasundhara’s top group are welcomed simultaneously to show their models for a proposed private clinical school and clinic working to an exceptionally rich and local merchant. Vasundhara shows her task with hefty pride and inner self, while Raghuvaran clarifies his venture in a straightforward way.

The merchant gives the venture to Anitha Constructions. Raghuvaran gives some amenable guidance to Vasundhara outside the structure. This annoys her, and she starts to follow him, setting one snag after another. To start with, she utilizes her impact in the state bureau to drive the broker to give the undertaking back to her. She then, at that point makes counter-offers to all of Anitha Construction’s ventures at a lower value, making the organization lose their own activities. Raghuvaran learns of this and stops his own work just to save his first organization.

He is drawn closer by the child of a Delhi-based development big shot, with beginning another development organization with 50-50 offers. Raghuvaran concurs by putting his home under the home loan of 5,000,000 Rs and starts “celebrity” Constructions with the 200 jobless architects as the organization’s workers.

They don’t will begin projects for a month. Because of an informal, they get a proposal from Prakash (Saravana Subbiah), a covetous financial specialist who needs to construct an amusement park in a boggy land. Raghuvaran’s group gets invigorated, however the dirt tests refute them. Thus, they decay the undertaking. Prakash pay-offs a chief individual from Vasundhara Constructions and makes her beginning on a similar task.

Raghuvaran’s group begins a dissent, and a countrywide ruckus makes the task be halted by the public authority. Prakash is up to speed between different claims recorded the nation over. This causes an awful name and a deficiency of ventures to Vasundhara Constructions. To dispense with Raghuvaran, she focuses on his organization. She secretly purchases the half offers held by Raghuvaran, when it is legitimately available to be purchased to make reserves. Raghuvaran is terminated from VIP Constructions by Vasundhara, making the representatives quit their own positions right away.

That evening, Prakash sends thugs to kill Raghuvaran, yet Raghuvaran thumps them all. He believes that Vasundhara had sent them and goes to her office room in her organization’s fundamental base camp structure. Vasundahra is separated from everyone else in the structure, as she is at present contemplating the unwaveringness of the relative multitude of representatives of VIP Constructions towards Raghuvaran.

Vip 2 Full Movie Tamil Download Tamilrockes 1.2gb

Raghuvaran at first censures, then, at that point prompts Vasundara, and begins to leave. Tragically, the workplace is overflowed because of weighty deluge, and they are caught in their floor. They then, at that point coordinate to discover bread rolls and wine in the highest level. Because of their discussion, Vasundhara comprehends her errors and becomes companions with Raghuvaran. The following morning, Raghuvaran carries Vasundhara to his home to acquaint her with his family, while both go to an arrangement to presently don’t fight with one another, to be colleagues, and run VIP Constructions together.He winds up saying a thirukura

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