URI Full Movie Download 720p

URI full movie download 720p

URI Full Movie Download 720p leaked by online. In this post, we will talk about URI Full Movie Download 720p in detail. URI full movie directed by Aditya Dhar. URI full movie budget is around ₹25 crore and box office collection is around ₹ 342.06 crore.

URI Full Movie download 720p Cast:

Vicky Kaushal – Major Vihaan Singh Shergill(Para SF team leader)
Mohit Raina – Major Karan Kashyap(Vihaan’s brother in law (Para SF sniper))
Paresh Rawal – National Security Advisor Govind Bhardwaj (character based on Ajit Doval)
Yami Gautam – Pallavi Sharma (Jasmine D’Almeida, an undercover R&AW agent)
Kirti Kulhari – Flight Lieutenant Seerat Kaur(IAF officer)
Rajit Kapur – Prime Minister of India
Rajvir Chauhan – Uday Singh Rathod
Ivan Rodrigues – Brian D’Souza(DRDO chief)
Akashdeep Arora – Ishaan Bhattal
Yogesh Soman – Defence Minister of India Ravinder Agnihotri
Manasi Parekh – Neha Shergill Kashyap(Karan’s wife and Vihaan’s sister)
Swaroop Sampat – Suhasini Shergill(Vihaan’s mother)
Shishir Sharma – COAS General Arjun Singh Rajawat (the character based on General Dalbir Singh Suhag)
Satyajit Sharma – Lt. General Ajay Garewal (the character based on Lt. General Deependra Singh Hooda GOC Northern Command (India))
Riva Arora – Suhani Kashyap(Vihaan’s niece)
Dhairya Karwa – Captain Sartaj Singh Chandhok (SF officer)
Padam Bhola – Vikram Dabas (SF commando)
Anurag Mishra – K. S. Venkatesh (SF commando)

URI Full Movie Download 720p Trailer:

URI Full Movie Download 720p Story:

The movie is split into five chapters.

In retaliation, Important Vihaan Singh Shergill (Vicky Kaushal), a Para SF officer, and his device, for example, his brother-in-law, Important Karan Kashyap (Mohit Raina), infiltrate and attack the Atomic militants and kill the vital pioneer responsible for the ambush.

Following a successful attack, the Prime Minister of India (Rajit Kapur) congratulates him and the entire unit in an official dinner. Vihaan asks an early retirement because he wishes to be intimate with his mum, who’s afflicted by Stage VI Alzheimer’s, where the Prime Minister gives him a desk job in New Delhi close to his mother rather than retirement, to which he insists.

The next chapter reveals Vihaan carrying a desk job in the Integrated Defence Staff HQ at New Delhi and also him spending some time with his loved ones. This section also briefly refers to the Pathankot attack. A nurse called Jasmine D’Almeida (Yami Gautam) is assigned to treat Vihaan’s mother.

Vihaan matches an Indian Air Force pilot called Flight Lieutenant Seerat Kaur (Kirti Kulhari), who’s attempting to demonstrate her patriotism for her husband, husband, who had been an army officer who died in an ambush.

one nice day, his mom goes missing. He hunts for her, and he blames Jasmine for ignorance and informs Jasmine that there’s not any demand for her safety.

Vihaan’s mum is located beneath a bridge, and Jasmine shows herself as an intelligence agent. The movie shows the households of the special forces soldiers were granted security as a result of danger from the North-eastern terrorists.

The terrorists have been murdered, but Karan dies in a grenade burst because of unintentionally pulling the pin connected to the terrorist gun, which he chose up to analyze. The entire household becomes ruined, such as Vihaan.

The Ministry makes the decision to take rigorous action against the perpetrators of this attack. National Security Advisor Govind Bharadwaj (Paresh Rawal) indicates the concept of a surgical attack.

The Prime Minister gives it a move and provides ten times for the attack. He asks Chief of the Army Staff General Arjun Singh Rajawat (Shishir Sharma) to rely on him at the procedure to which he insists.

Vihaan selects the elite Ghatak Force commandos in the Bihar Regiment, and also the Dogra Regiment together with the unique forces since the majority of the soldiers killed in the attack were out of those regiments.

Vihaan informs them they can’t utilize their telephones and disguises the assignment as routine training exercises. The commandos start their training.

Through the preparation, Govind ropes in ISRO (for providing satellite pictures ), DRDO (for drone surveillance), and RAW (for intellect ). When he goes to meet the DRDO Chief Brian D’Souza (Ivan Rodrigues)he chances to meet with an intern called Ishaan who’s developed a drone named Garuda which appears and is shaped just like an Eagle.

With the support of their drones and satellite pictures, they can find the precise place of their hideouts and training camps of these terrorists. Jasmine shows her name as Pallavi Sharma into Vihaan, and through an interrogation, both could extract info about who planned the attack.

Govind also indicates intensifying the artillery shelling in the edge for diversion and painting their attack helicopters with Pakistani Air Force markings.

The commandos also begin training beneath Vihaan. The Pakistani officials suspect the Indian pursuits but dismiss them because of underestimation.At the night of 28 September, the commandos depart for the attack in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir at Mi-17 helicopters.

Throughout the assignment, Vihaan’s helicopter has been compelled to not cross the Line of Control thanks to the most recent wisdom from spies from Pakistan the Pakistani Army has set a”AWAC” Early Warning Radar-based Surface to Air Missile system in Muzafarabad industry to deliver down their helicopter.

He and his team improvise by moving foot through a cave (that was quite insecure because of darkness and the unknown existence of additional terrorists). His staff infiltrates and kill all of the terrorists on the 2 launchpads.

In the same way, other commando teams also figure out how to kill all the terrorists. Vihaan kills Idris and Jabbar, who would be the perpetrators of this Uri attack.

The regional authorities are alerted, and the commandos that are low on time and ammunition escape. On their way back, they’re greatly rained down upon by gunfire from a nearby machine gun and a Pakistani Air Force Mi-17 Helicopter, that has been scrambled to intercept Vihaan’s team.

Flight Lieutenant Seerat comes to their rescue by shooting back in the gunship, thus driving away it and removing the machine gun bunker. His staff crosses LoC about the side with no casualties.

The remainder of the delegated teams are also effective and are back with no casualties. Vihaan lands at Hindon Air Force Station in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The movie finishes with him, Pallavi, Govind, along with the commandos thankfully having a formal dinner with the Prime Minister.

At a post-credits scene, Zameer, a female minister, wakes up and yells in frustration whilst viewing the information of India’s effective surgical attack.

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