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Tumbbad full movie download

In this post we will talk about tumbbad full movie download in detail. Tumbbad full movie directed by rahi anil barve. Tumbbad full movie download budget is around ₹5 crores and box office collection is around ₹13.57 crores. Tumbbad full movie running time is 104 minutes.

Tumbbad full movie download Cast:

Sohum Shah – Vinayak Rao
Jyoti Malshe – Vinayak’s mother
Dhundiraj Prabhakar Jogalekar – young Vinayak
Rudra Soni – Sadashiv
Madhav Hari Joshi – Sarkar
Pushpak Kaushik – Grandmother
Anita Date-Kelkar – Vaidehi(Vinayak’s wife)
Deepak Damle – Raghav
Cameron Anderson – Sergeant Cooper
Ronjini Chakraborty – Vinayak’s mistress
Mohammad Samad – Pandurang

Tumbbad full movie download Trailer:

Tumbbad full movie download Story:

Back in 1947, Vinayak Rao informs his 14-year-old son Pandurang concerning the Goddess of Prosperity. She’s the sign of infinite gold (riches ) and sausage (meals ) and the ground is her uterus. When the world was born, she gave birth to 160 million gods. Hastar, her earliest and most cherished offspring, was covetous for all her food and gold. Hastar managed to get the gold in the goddess although the other gods assaulted him as he was going to get her meals, however, the goddess maintained him about the condition he couldn’t be worshipped and could be abandoned by history.

For many years, Hastar was sleeping in his mother’s womb.
In 1918, in Tumbbad, Maharashtra, Vinayak’s mum serves the local god, Sarkar, in his mansion. This includes offering sexual services at the hopes to get one gold coin maintained together with his Hastar statue. Meanwhile, in their house, Vinayak along with his younger brother Sadashiv fear about needing to feed the monstrous mature girl, Sarkar’s great grandma, chained up in another room. Sarkar later dies and the mom suggests leaving Tumbbad for Pune.

Vinayak insists on locating the treasure that’s rumoured to be concealed somewhere in the home. Sadashiv gets severely hurt after falling out of a tree, forcing his mother to take him to get assistance. She informs Vinayak that he might need to feed his grandmother that night. She warns him if the old girl wakes up, he must say the title”Hastar” to create her sleep. Meanwhile, Sadashiv expires the way to the Physician.

The mum directs her carriage driver into Sarkar’s mansion in which she retrieves the golden coin. Since Vinayak attempts to feed her, then the hungry old girl strikes and shackles him to consume him who finally remembers Hastar’s name and uses it to create her fall asleep. His mom yields, and the following evening she and Vinayak abandon Tumbbad for Pune. She compels Vinayak to assure never return to Tumbbad, regardless of his protests to remain and hunt for the treasure.

14 years pass, and Vinayak climbs up. Attempting to escape his life of poverty, Vinayak yields to Tumbbad. The older girl, with a tree growing from her own body, warns he is going to be murdered to become immortal and become a monster like her when he rolls the treasure i.e. Hastar. She clarifies that a nicely results in the goddess’ uterus where Hastar resides, in exchange for finishing her protracted anguish. Vinayak retains his promise and puts her on fire, thus killing her. Even though Hastar stole the goddess goldhe was not able to obtain her grain.

Consequently, being famished for many years, he wants bread. Vinayak emotionally trains himself to scale down and up a lengthy rope and leaves dolls from dough to lure Hastar within the goddess of the womb. While he’s distracted by the meals, Vinayak swipes at Hastar’s loincloth comprising the gold. Vinayak frequently repeats the method to steal coins that are lost. He’s his original gold coin into the opium retailer Raghav to pay debt off. Every time he wants more cash, Vinayak yields to Tumbbad to slip out of Hastar.

Raghav publicly wonders concerning the treasure rumoured to exist at the Tumbbad mansion while at the same time wondering why Vinayak can simply regain a couple of coins at one time. Vinayak along with his wife give birth to their son Pandurang. When Sergeant Cooper provides him just two weeks to come through with all the cash, Raghav sells his widowed daughter-in-law into Vinayak as a mistress. Vinayak follows Raghav into the Tumbbad mansion and tips him into Hastar’s well.

Hastar brutally strikes Raghav, turning him into a monster and also mutating him to the walls of their uterus. Vinayak burns Raghav residing to finish his or her suffering.

In 1947, Vinayak requires Pandurang into the mansion to train him for exactly the exact same purpose and is advised to not bring the down dough doll. However he secretly attracts a dough doll and Hastar unexpectedly strikes. They barely manage to escape and Vinayak chides his son to get almost becoming them touched. Pandurang suggests stealing Hastar’s loincloth and they create heaps of bread dolls to divert Hastar.

On the other hand, the both of them become trapped within the uterus when different Hastars look for every of those dolls. Without a need for escaping, Vinayak joins the dolls to his own body to function as bait. When the coast is clear, Pandurang climbs back into the surface to view his dad becoming mutated into a monster beyond the well. Vinayak introduces him to all the stolen loincloth he stole from Hastar, but Pandurang won’t take it. Sobbing at seeing exactly what his dad turned into, Pandurang reluctantly puts Vinayak on leaves and fire.

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