Trisha Illana Nayanthara Movie Download

Trisha Illana Nayanthara movie download

In this post, we will talk about trisha illana nayanthara movie download in detail. trisha illana nayanthara movie directed by adhik ravichandran. trisha illana nayanthara movie running time is 2 hour and 10 minutes. trisha illana nayanthara movie box office collection is around Rs 3.25 crore.

Trisha Illana Nayanthara Movie download Cast:

G. V. Prakash Kumar – Jeeva
Manisha Yadav – Aditi
Anandhi – Ramya
Simran – Simran, Ramya’s aunt
VTV Ganesh – Vishu(Jeeva’s uncle)
Yugi Sethu – Vikram(a scientist and Simran’s husband)
G. Marimuthu – Jeeva’s father
Robo Shankar – Auto Driver
Shanmugasundaram – Ticket Collector
Jyothi Lakshmi – Aditi’s grandmother
Lollu Sabha Manohar – CD Raghunathan
R. Neelakantan
Ray Paul – younger Jeeva
Baby Sathanya – younger Ramya

Trisha Illana Nayanthara Movie download Trailer:

Trisha Illana Nayanthara Movie Story:

While traveling by railway, Jeeva (G. V. Prakash Kumar) informs the ticket collector he abandoned his house and will be traveling to Kumbakonam.

When Jeeva was born, he had been born with two other women – Aditi (Manisha Yadav) and Ramya (Anandhi) – because of the lack of space in the hospital. Jeeva is near his uncle Vishu (VTV Ganesh) and asks for his guidance each time he’s problems with women. The three of them climbed up together as a young age.
When they’re studying together in greater secondary, Aditi leaves to Bangalore for a week. In this time period, Ramya and Jeeva drop in love.

Jeeva is fearful about suggesting to Ramya, whereas Ramya suggests to Jeeva, and he takes. That night, Ramya visits Jeeva, and the two love whilst drifting across the city. The following day, Jeeva shows to his friend accidentally about his workout session with Ramya. It begins to disperse around the college, and Ramya becomes so mad with Jeeva that she dumps him. She renders Chennai to overlook him. Since she’s leaving, Aditi calls Jeeva and suggests her love to Jeeva about the telephone, which Jeeva accepts.

Their connection is going well for nearly 3 decades. 1 afternoon, Jeeva finds out that Aditi was drinking and forces her to give up drinking since he hates women drinking. She claims to stop smoking, but once more, he sees Aditi drinking at a bar. He’s so angry he scolds her in front of everybody, gets heartbroken, and acts so wildly that he’s forcibly removed from that point. Jeeva informs this story to the ticket collector and reaches Kumbakonam, where Vishu was residing.

In the railroad station, Vishu receives Jeeva. Jeeva asks Vishu for guidance, for he states that if a single woman leaves, there’s always a different one. Jeeva subsequently sees Ramya there and drops for her.

He goes after her, but she chases him off because of what happened in college. There, Vishu tells him to get into contact with Ramya’s aunt Simran (Simran). Then he attempts to create Ramya fall in love with the assistance of Simran, doubting if he could succeed or not.

Jeeva becomes shut to Simran, and with her aid, he eventually successfully woos Ramya back again. When they’re going to become united, he inquires Ramya’s five queries as he didn’t understand what occurred to her three years after he wasn’t with her.

The concluding question proves to be if Ramya is a virgin or not (since Ramya had a separation lately ). Initially, Ramya becomes mad by that query but ultimately admits that she’s not a virgin because she had intercourse with her ex-lover Harish (Arya). On hearing this, Jeeva becomes mad and instantly asks Ramya to telephone Harish. Harish arrives in the scene and attempts to convince Jeeva they had love making just once, but Jeeva becomes angry cursing the curse of submissive boys won’t leave these sort of leaves and girls that place instantly. Ramya and Harish unite once more.

Jeeva, feeling disgusted, intends to depart Kumbakonam and return to Chennai. He informs Vishu he wants just a virgin woman, but his uncle scolds him saying nowadays, virgin women are quite tough to locate, but Jeeva adheres with his coverage and leaves to the train, that has begun moving. He attempts to grab the train and also sees one hand stretched out of a train compartment to assist him board indoors. That’s Priya (Priya Anand).

Jeeva Thank you Priya and sits in the train, trying to flirt with her by asking about her whereabouts, where she answers Trichy, and he decides to follow, which signifies the audience which Jeeva is on a new assignment seeking to woo Priya. The film ends with him saying “Trisha Illana Nayanthara”.

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