Sunflower Web Series Download Filmyzilla

Sunflower web series download filmyzilla

In this post, you will get sunflower web series download filmyzilla in detail. Sunflower Web Series directed by vikas bahl.

Sunflower Web Series download filmyzilla Cast:

Sunil Grover – Sonu Singh
Ranvir Shorey – Inspector S. Digendra
Mukul Chadha Mr. Ahuja
Girish Kulkarni – Sub Inspector Chetan Tambe
Shonali Nagrani
Sonal Jha
Radha Bhatt – Mrs. Ahuja
Ashish Vidyarthi – Dilip Iyer
Saloni Khanna
Ashiwn Kaushal
Annapurna Soni

Sunflower Web Series download filmyzilla Trailer:

STORY: Mr. Raj Kapoor (Ashwin Kaushal), a resident of Sunflower housing society, is found dead in his flat. After the police officials begin their investigations, bulk of the residents and regular visitors become overwhelmingly. Will the cops have the ability to decode this case?

REVIEW: Located in Mumbai,’Sunflower’ revolves around a murder which happens in a middle-class housing culture of the exact same name. When Mumbai police officials — Digendra (Ranvir Shorey) and Chetan Tambe (Girish Kulkarni) begin investigating the situation, they suspect almost everyone. But, Sonu Singh (Sunil Grover), a simpleton living in precisely the exact same society, is drawn into the murder mystery and becomes the prime suspect. What happens next forms the crux of this narrative.

This engaging eight-part situational crime comedy is co-written by Vikas Bahl (writer-director of popular Bollywood movies’Queen’ and’Super30′) and Chaitali Parmar. In addition to Rahul Sengupta, Vikas conveys the manager’s hat in this show, which marks his own electronic introduction too. Right from the beginning, the crowd is conscious of just how among those society’s natives (Raj Kapoor) expired ) Nonetheless, it’s the story –that revolves around the investigation proceedings and how everybody fits into the defendant category–which was interestingly written down with a dash of humor and lots of excitement.

The screenplay is intriguing throughout, as a result of the quirky characters with strange tics and attributes that define themas well as the subplots that mix nicely into this character-driven plot. For instance, Sonu Singh, a 35-year-old bizarre salesman with Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), retains everything totally organised–out of his foot mat into everything on his work table. Dilip Iyer (Ashish Vidyarthi) is just another character that aspires to be the chairman of Sunflower Society in order to make it a much more difficult place to live.

Imagine he’s a committee of members who interview everybody who wants to remain in this society and also have stringent rules against allowing unmarried folks, divorcees, queers, etc. Then there is Mr Ahuja (Mukul Chadda), a lecturer by profession with a smirky overall look and a polite demeanour, and his ever-supportive wife (Radha Bhatt). All in all, nearly all the scenes revolve round a small set of society associates, depicting everything from internal society politics into nosy neighbours.

While the first couple of episodes keep you hooked mostly as a result of involvement of numerous characters and their private lives, in addition to their link to the offense, there are a few that haul, particularly those involving Sonu caring for Mr. Tondon (Sameer Kakkar). The briefer episodes and tight editing (from Konark Saxena) could have helped the plot’s development when maintaining the show’s speed. The background score written by Sahej Bakshi and Vesh Shrivastava is interesting and matches the narrative nicely.

Sunil Grover plays with Sonu Singh to perfection, never straying from his function as a lonely guy without a social circle owing to his odd behavior. Sonu simply speaks to his mom and loves engaging in lengthy discussions with telemarketing callers. He’s his very own set of principles, for example”In hindsight, no sorry, no thank you, without a udhaar (loan),” — just how filmi! In addition, he retains the exact same innocent expressions during, which will remind some of those passionate followers of the favorite comedic character’Gutthi’.

Both the authorities inspectors, Ranvir Shorey as a no-nonsense cop and Girish Kulkarni as his sidekick in the investigation, provide earnest performances while finding the missing pieces of this mystery. The shudh-hindi expressions and conversations of Mr Ahuja (performed with Mukul Chadda) are outstanding. His onscreen wife Radha Bhatt has just several lines, but her response to her husband’s persistent paranoia is compelling.

In conclusion, while the idea of presenting a murder mystery with a sense of humor is unique in certain aspects, the show’ laid-back implementation can make it dull to watch occasionally. No matter this eight-part series is going to keep you entertained for many parts — using its bizarre yet relatable characters along with a few surprising deeds.

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