Robot 2.0 Full Movie Download Pagalmovies

robot 2.0 full movie download pagalmovies

In this post, we will talk about Robot 2.0 Full Movie Download Pagalmovies in detail. Robot 2.0 Full Movie directed by S. Shankar. Robot 2.0 Full Movie budget is around ₹575 crore and box office collection is estimated ₹655.81-800 crore. Robot 2.0 Full Movie running time is 147 minutes.

Robot 2.0 Full Movie download pagalmovies Cast:

Rajinikanth in three roles – Vaseegaran, Chitti, Kutti 3.0
Akshay Kumar – Pakshi Rajan
Amy Jackson – Nila
Sudhanshu Pandey – Dhinendra Bohra
Adil Hussain – Minister S. Vijay Kumar
Ishari K. Ganesh – Jayanth Kumar
Kalabhavan Shajohn – Vaira Moorthy
Kaizaad Kotwal – Manoj Lulla
Anant Mahadevan – Head of the meeting
Mayilsamy – the personal assistant of Vaira Moorthy
Michael Muthu – a police officer
Priya Prince – Pakshi Rajan’s mother
Mayur Bansiwal – Pakshi Rajan’s father

Robot 2.0 Full Movie download pagalmovies Trailer:

Robot 2.0 Full Movie download pagalmovies Story:

Dr. Vaseegaran has lately assembled a new android literary helper named Nila, whom he presents to some group of school students. Soon after, all of the mobile phones in town start to fly in the sky, throwing the general public to panic.

A scientific council assembles to talk about the phenomenon, where Vaseegaran indicates reactivating that the robot Chitti. However, the strategy is opposed by a member of this council, Dhinendra Bohra, whose dad was murdered by Chitti a couple of decades back.

The mobile phones collect to a brand new and kill telephone retail shop owner Jayanth Kumar, telecom firm owner Manoj Lula, and Telecom Minister Vaira Moorthy. The Home Minister S. Vijay Kumar provides permission for Vaseegaran to trigger Chitti, whom he’s already begun working on.

The mobile phone swarm destroys telephone towers around town and wrecks havoc on the general public, manifesting as a giant bird. A recently activated and updated Chitti struggles with the bird in town and destroys it with an explosion. The rest of the phones reform and escape. Chitti, which runs from a battery requires refuge in 3 antennas in a space station. The bird attempts to trace but is repelled from the antennas.

Chitti informs Vaseegaran about this episode and affirms that the phones are powered by air, especially a concentrated mass of adverse credit with electromagnetic properties. Considering that the space station was flowing positively charged ions into an area, the bird was repelled.

Vaseegaran assembles a photon synthesizer that endeavors positive cost, intending to neutralize the cost of the bird. The team faces the bird and drains it of electricity. The telephones occupy a humanoid form, as the dead person ornithologist Pakshi Rajan.

Chitti converses with Pakshi because he tries to ruin the synthesizer, where a flashback shows that Pakshi protested against the use of contemporary mobile phones, where the radiation affected the brains of birds and caused mass deaths, particularly close to his bird refuge and dwelling in Thirukazhukundram. Pakshi makes conventions and protests to tackle this, but the people awakens and mocks him.

Lula and Moorthy also deny his morals because of their small business and Jayanth Kumar shuns him out of his store as he attempts to protest. Birds all around town such as Pakshi’s refuge perish out, such as newborn chicks.

A distraught and angry Pakshi, after a courtroom evaluation found no offenses (because telecom firms reduced signal amounts to hide wrongdoing), hangs himself in a cell tower. Pakshi’s negatively charged soul reawakens from the radiation emitting from the tower. By absorbing the spirits of all of the deceased birds in town, he becomes a vengeful thing.

Chitti attempts to convince Pakshi to not harm people but Pakshi wants to penalize their ignorance. Chitti has Pakshi captured and included. The information spreads into the council that decides to construct an army of these robots to the military. Dhirendra, that becomes angry at Chitti’s success, releases Pakshi’s soul from the synthesizer.

Pakshi owns Vaseegaran and strikes the public, but Chitti won’t assault his founder. Nila understands the red chip and reprograms Chitti into his wicked 2.0 alter ego, after shifting it not to hurt the innocent and controlling him just to combat Pakshi.

Pakshi traps 80,000 individuals in a soccer stadium and kills Dhinendra, who had been present, by focusing on radiation from several cell towers. Chitti yells and struggles Pakshi’s bird type together with his military. Since Chitti runs from cost, Pakshi turns to his winged form and generates a number of bird drones.

The drones split the pieces of the robot, but until Pakshi can muster radiation he is interrupted by among Chitti’s creations: the activity figure bot Kutti 3.0. Released into the scene by Nila, the Kutti robots mount themselves doves, forcing Pakshi to stand down. The Kuttis self-destruct and ruin Pakshi’s drones. After Vaseegaran is discharged from ownership, Pakshi is direct into the space station where he’s ruined.

Vaseegaran recovers in the hospital and informs Vijay Kumar, who comes to see him, which he feels Pakshi Rajan was a virtuous man who became a casualty of this corrupt society. In addition, he indicates that everybody should restrict the usage of mobiles, and save the lives of critters as far as you can. Chitti, now restored to its first edition, starts a relationship with Nila.

At a post-credits scene, Sana inquires Vaseegaran over the telephone about the likelihood of cellular phones flying. Instantly, Vaseegaran’s phone flies from his hands and invisibly to Kutti 3.0, stating, “I’m your grandson”.

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