Ratsasan Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers Hd

Ratsasan tamil movie download tamilrockers hd

In this post, we will talk about ratsasan tamil movie download tamilrockers hd in detail. ratsasan tamil movie directed by ram kumar. Ratsasan Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers Hd running time 170 minutes. Ratsasan Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers Hd budget collection is around ₹8 crore.

Ratsasan tamil movie download tamilrockers hd Cast:

Vishnu Vishal – Sub-inspector Arun Kumar
Amala Paul – Vijayalakshmi
Naan Saravanan – Christopher & Mary Fernandez/
Yasar – Young Christopher
Kaali Venkat – Venkat
Abhirami – Ammu
Baby Monica – Kayal
Ramdoss – Doss
Vinodhini Vaidyanathan – Kokila
Usha Elizabeth – Arun’s mother
Suzane George – ACP Lakshmi
Nizhalgal Ravi – Dr. Nandan
Sangili Murugan – Arun’s house owner
Ragavi Renu – Sophie(Christopher’s love interest)
Raveena Daha – Sharmi(Ammu’s classmate)
Trishala – Sanjana and Sangeetha
Priya – Meera,
Vinod Sagar – Inbaraj

Ratsasan tamil movie download tamilrockers hd Trailer:

Ratsasan tamil movie download tamilrockers hd Story:

The movie opens with two older guys finding a corpse which happened for a teenage school girl named Samyuktha (Adhithri Dinesh), a 15-year-old school pupil who had been found brutally murdered and wrapped in polythene bag.

Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal) is an aspiring filmmaker who would like to make a film on psychopaths. After being rejected several times despite a fantastic script and because of pressure from his loved ones, he decides to give up his dreams and become an Assistant Sub-Inspector with the assistance of his brother-in-law,” Doss (Ramdoss), a police officer himself.

He moves and remains with his sister Kokila (Vinodhini Vaidyanathan), Prasad, along with their daughter Ammu (Abhirami). Ammu gets into trouble if she gets Arun to forge her dad’s signature inside her report card since she failed in 2 areas. Her class instructor Vijayalakshmi aka Viji (Amala Paul) figures out this and believes she signed himself.

Ammu attracts Arun to her college to function as her daddy. Afterward, Ammu is captured by her parents, which direct them to move their kid to a different school. Afterward, Arun meets and befriends Viji along with her niece Kayal (Baby Monica), who’s speech deprived.

A teenage school girl named Amudha (Nehah Menon) is abducted on her way back home. Her parents then find a mutilated doll’s head in a present box attached to their own puppy’s collar. Arun finds a gap between Samyuktha, who had been murdered a couple of days past, and Amudha, the two of those being 15-year-old school pupils who had been kidnapped while returning home from college.

Exactly like Samyuktha, the hair on the doll’s brow is uprooted, the eyes have been drilled, and her mouth is ruined. Aside from that, specifically, there are knife markers on Samyuktha’s forehead, ears, and nasion. The very same marks were found from the doll’s head. He attempts to convince ACP Lakshmi (Suzane George), his exceptional egotistical officer, this was a psycho on the job but his concepts have been brushed off as bogus tales.

Afterwards, Amudha’s corpse was discovered brutally mutilated. The killer drilled out Amudha’s eyes broke her lips, and uprooted her own hair in spots. In addition to this, Amudha’s body was scarred all over with a knife while she was living.

Arun indicates the corpses be concealed from the people to avoid the killer from gaining public attention. Originally, the officials opposed this thought because of dividing protocols, but they finally lead to, moving the bodies into a secret center under Dr. Nandan (Nizhalgal Ravi).

Shortly after, another college woman called Meera (Priya) is abducted. She seemed to be out of Ammu’s ex-school. The search contributes to a teacher called Inbaraj (Vinod Sagar), that operates at Ammu’s recent faculty and is shown to be a pedophile.

Already a woman named Sharmi (Raveena Daha) was mistreated by Inbaraj during college Annual Day function. Afterward, Inbaraj aims Ammu, and in the meantime, Sharmi advises Arun about it and Inbaraj has been detained. Inbaraj attempts to escape by holding a police officer in hostage but was murdered by Arun at an elevator.

Mahesh (Arun Gokul Raj), suggested Ammu within her birthday celebration. However, Ammu refused his suggestion. Meanwhile, that time Ammu is abducted during her birthday celebration at home.

Arun and Doss attempt to locate her but they had been too late. Arun finds her mutilated body within their car trunk, suggesting that she’s also murdered. To make matters worse, Arun is frozen because of his neglect on shooting Inbaraj. Dejected and upset, Arun investigates the situation by himself, with aid from some policemen.

Locating a sound clip in the hearing help of Meera, he traces it back into an older woman magician called Annabella George (Naan Saravanan) performance in the victim’s school role. The woman used her magic series for an instrument to kidnap the women because she impressed each of the pupils with her magical tricks. She invites your pupil to execute a job and then socialized with the chosen student to get nearer to them.

Then, she began to stem the chosen student resulting in their kidnap exactly about the next day after fulfilling them without any hassle. This leads him into the upcoming possible victim, a schoolgirl called Sanjana (Trishala). Arun realized he was following the incorrect woman, because of Sanjana with a twin sister called Sangeetha.

Sanjana was abducted, although she had been under surveillance. Arun monitors her place to a home in town, where he saves Sanjana from being killed. The perpetrator escapes, but her identity has been shown to become Mary Fernandez (her name), that had been engaged in a murdering a very long time past. Arun finds more concerning the situation in the investigating officer, Rajamanickkam, (Radha Ravi), a retired cop.

Mary’s son Christopher (Yasar) was suffering from Werner Syndrome i.e.(progeria), a bipolar disorder that caused him to appear aged. He had been an outcast in school, but a woman named Sophia (Ragavi Renu) took pity on him and befriended him. Christopher shortly started to develop feelings for Sophie, but sadly, he’s heartbroken if she turns down his love and will be shortly ridiculed at school.

The following day, Mary asked Sophie to become friends again and handed her a present. When Sophie opens the present box, she discovered that the mutilated head of a doll, the same doll Sophie talented Christopher for his birthday. Sophie was brutally murdered by Mary, and Mary and her son had been detained.
It was subsequently told both Mary and Christopher died in a crash, but she’s still living and murdering the identical vengeance. Rajamanickkam finds a hint from the documents but he’s murdered by Mary before fulfilling Arun.

On locating him in the scene of this offense, Arun is arrested and kept handcuffed in the channel. He finds that Rajamanickkam was hoping to show that the individual who was performing the magic series at the faculty had six fingers on his right hand and with a photograph proof, it’s understood that it was Christopher (Naan Saravanan) who has six fingers.

Ratsasan Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers Hd telegram

Since just Mary died in the crash, the psycho isn’t the woman; it’s her own son Christopher, who’s taken good advantage of his aged look. Before Arun can act with this, Christopher strikes Viji and abducts Kayal. While attempting to apprehend Christopher, Venkat is murdered. Kayal leaks and is located by Nandan, who attempts to conceal her at the center, but Nandan dies trying to protect her. Arun tracks Christopher into the centre, and following a protracted fight, manages to kill him save Kayal.

The film ends with all the media coverage that the series of events along with also an end to the murders performed by the psychopath. It’s then shown that Arun gets an opportunity to create a film about a psychopath fulfilling his fantasy.

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