Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Full Movie Download

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi full movie download

In this post, we will talk about rab ne bana di jodi full movie download in detail. rab ne bana di jodi full movie directed by aditya chopra. rab ne bana di jodi full movie running time 164 minutes. rab ne bana di jodi full movie budget is around ₹31 crore and box office collection is around ₹157 crore.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Full Movie download Cast:

Shah Rukh Khan – Surinder Sahni(Raj Kapoor)
Anushka Sharma – Taani Surinder Sahni
Vinay Pathak – Balwinder ‘Bobby’ Khosla(Surinder’s best friend)
Manmeet Singh – Raju(garage owner)
Richa Pallod – actress in a film in the theatre
M. K. Raina – Professor Gupta
Aneesha Dalal – Dance Master
Kajol – Nargis
Bipasha Basu – Sadhana Shivdasani
Lara Dutta – Helen
Preity Zinta – Sharmila Tagore
Rani Mukerji – Neetu Singh

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Full Movie download Trailer:

Rab ne bana di jodi full movie download Story:

Surinder”Suri” Sahni is a timid, introverted, and also kind-hearted office worker for Punjab Power who falls in love at first sight with Taani, the extroverted, cheerful daughter of the former Professor Gupta in her participation, but is not able to state it. Her fiancé and her whole wedding entourage are killed in a street collision. The shocked Gupta endures a significant cardiac arrest and can be hospitalized. On his deathbed, fearing that Taani will probably be lonely on the planet, the perishing Gupta implores that Surinder marries her.

Surinder silently concedes since he enjoys her anyway and as regards to his professor, while Taani agrees to meet her father’s last wish. Professor Gupta goes off and after an amazing wedding, Surinder takes Taani into his ancestral home in Amritsar. While his great character leads Surinder to treat her exceptional care;– he lets her own his bedroom to himself;– he’s too fearful to profess his love for her. Taani afterward tells him that she’ll attempt to be a fantastic spouse and so admire her character in his lifetime, but she can never appreciate him because of getting no love left inside her following the loss of her former fiancé.

Surinder, thankful for the rising acts of wifely affection that Taani shows him proceeds to gratify her fantasies. These include routine evening excursions to the cinema to watch Bollywood films that appeal to Taani’s dreams about love and her enthusiasm for dance.

A couple of days after, Taani discovers a dance contest poster and asks to get Surinder’s consent to get involved in it since it might help her relax out of her mundane life in your home. He grants her request and offers the entrance fee. Throughout the evenings that Surinder and Taani spend theatres, Surinder realises it’s the robust and manly images of guys that Taani admires, and later on, asks his very best friend, Balwinder”Bobby” Khosla, a hair-salon proprietor, for dressing guidance that will help him win her love.

Bobby provides him a whole makeover–that comprises trimming his mustache, shifting his hairstyle into spiky, and fitting him out in amazing Western-style clothes, such as aviator-style shades with oversize light-colored lenses. Surinder is thus changed into”Raj”, a title he borrows against the protagonist of a movie that Taani admired. Raj belongs to Taani’s dance competition place to see her dancing. Raj joins the contest and in the conclusion of the dance course, all participants are placed into groups of 2 by arbitrary amounts given by the team, and the two Raj and Taani possess the amount’21’.

Despite Raj’s initial concerted efforts to emulate the”trendy” images given by personalities in movies, following the first effort of impressing Taani in this manner, Taani fails to be his spouse, telling ‘Raj’ which they’ll not ever win the contest if he continues his antics. Raj reacts by imploring her which he’ll improve and they become friends, working collectively in their dancing routine.

Raj feels invited with Taani’s advice in particular dancing sequences, and Taani feels great to come out in the mundane home cooking-washing housewife routine. At length, fortunately, and miraculously, both of them are chosen for the finals. It’s at this moment, Raj decides to profess his love for Taani. Taani is shocked and enters into a period of internal conflict, despite Raj telling her that they could still stay friends even though she doesn’t reciprocate his love.

Surinder also faces a problem because he can’t tell Taani he is disguised as Raj. He thus tries to acquire Taani’s love as Surinder, an action that only alienates her father. Bobby tells him to demonstrate his love for Taani as Surinder. He chooses Taani into a trade fair at which he discovers Taani had no interest from the reasonable except for its Japan section. Knowing that his wages wouldn’t be enough to carry Taani onto a visit to Japan, he enters a Sumo wrestling contest where the winner gets an opportunity to see Japan.

He also wrestles with the Sumo wrestler, has hurt in the process, but wins the contest. Taani gets shell-shocked and infuriated at this. In the home, she asks him while dressing his wounds, the motive behind his activities, and pleads him to keep draining his care for her because she wouldn’t have the ability to settle. Surinder informs to himself that true love can’t be reimbursed.

He’s disappointed that Taani can’t watch his love for her, just as Raj. After that night, Taani intends to elope with Raj. Surinder tells Bobby that he’ll finish the charade in his own manner, forfeiting his cravings because of his love, leaving his house and moving himself into Delhi. On the afternoon of this contest, Surinder chooses Taani into the Golden Temple to obtain God’s blessings because of her performance for this evening also, internally, too for her entire life without Raj.

Whilst there, Taani includes a realisation where she thinks God has revealed her a indication that her union to Surinder is divinely inspired. For the very first time, she reflects on her husband and becomes conscious of their integrity and strength of Surinder’s personality, something that she grows to appreciate. Taani so tells Raj at the night of this contest, she can’t pick him over her husband since it’s equal to leaving God.

She leaves him what seems like a condition of shock with tears in his eyes, but Raj is secretly happy that Taani enjoys his”authentic self”, Surinder. When the time comes for their functionality, Taani is astonished to see Surinder rather than Raj joining her on point. While dance Taani places two and two together and via a series of flashbacks, she awakens to the reality that Surinder is actually in reality Raj. Backstage, following their dancing, she tearfully faces Surinder, and if he admits his love for her, and she admits she reciprocates his feelings. Both win the contest.

The movie ends with Surinder and Taani seeing Japan through the tickets that he had acquired in the trade fair, on their honeymoon.

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