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Ok Jaanu full movie download

Ok Jaanu Full Movie Download tamilrockers leaked online. In this post, we will talk about Ok Jaanu Full Movie in detail. ok jaanu full movie directed by shaad ali. ok jaanu full movie budget is 270 million and box office collection is around 41.04 crore.

Ok Jaanu Full Movie Download Trailer:

Ok Jaanu full Movie download Cast:

Aditya Roy Kapur – Aditya Gunjal(Tara’s husband)
Shraddha Kapoor – Tara Agnihotri
Naseeruddin Shah – Gopi Srivastava
Leela Samson – Charu Srivastava
Jasmeet Singh Bhatia – Bantu
Eesh Kakkar – Tara’s ex-boyfriend
Kitu Gidwani – Tara’s Mother
Sanjay Gurbaxani – Deputy Commissioner of Police
Sarika Singh – Adi’s Sister in Law
Sharma Vibhoutee – Jennifer
Vijayant Kohli – Ravi Gunjal (Aditya’s Brother)
Prahlad Kakkar – Adi’s boss
Boloram Das – security guard

Ok Jaanu full Movie download Story:

Aditya”Adi” Gunjal (Aditya Roy Kapur) comes to Mumbai to make use of a gambling firm possessed by Prahlad Kakkar, aspiring to make it huge in the United States as a video game programmer. In Mumbai railway station, he places a woman (Shraddha Kapoor) on the next platform seeking to leap in front of an approaching train. A horrified Adi provides her a shout. The woman then disappears.

Adi moves to the home of Gopi Srivastava (Naseeruddin Shah), his elder brother senior, a rigorous, retired High Court judge residing with his spouse Charu (Leela Samson). Charu is a renowned Hindustani classical singer who suffers from phase two Alzheimer’s disease. On his very first day on the job, Adi is invited by his buddy Bantee to pitch the notion of his match”Mumbai 2.0,” to his or her boss. Adi impresses his boss and receives a deadline of five weeks to prepare a prototype to be shipped to Los Angeles to get a contest.

Afterwards, while in his friend Jenny’s wedding, Adi places the woman from the channel. The woman introduces herself as Tara. Adi learns that Tara is intending to pursue architectural research in Paris and he states he dreams of getting a big shot for example Mark Zuckerberg.

Adi and Tara hit a chord above their mutual presumptions on dysfunctionality of their institution of marriage. Tara also shows her antic in the railroad station was a ploy to eliminate her ex-boyfriend who wanted to wed her. Afterward, they hang outside, exploring town.

The following day, Adi pursues Tara into Ahmedabad on her job excursion. Tara takes Adi into Sabarmati Ashram that she used to see with her dad, as a child. She discloses her choice never to wed was incited by her parent’s busted marriage. Adi and Tara opt to live-in with each other until they go their separate ways for their various careers. Both strategy Gopi and Charu using their desire. Gopi originally strongly disagrees with their desire, but decides to devote if Tara impresses Charu together with her classical singing capability.

Adi’s family intends to provide Adi a surprise trip along with his sister-in-law finds out that he’s living-in using Tara, which his brother could adamantly be compared to. She asks Tara to contemplate their future, when Tara at any stage would need to select between her love and her livelihood. Tara and Adi continue residing thankfully, getting a thrill from the mutual endearing camaraderie and rising affinity and affection.

Tara’s entry to the institute in Paris gets accepted. Tara advises Gopi of the and confides in him that it could now be difficult for her to depart Adi and proceed far away. The following day, Tara goes to Jaipur to get a work trip, and Adi begins to overlook her profoundly.

Adi gets summoned to Kanpur by Tara’s wealthy mother, who wants to understand his intentions to get her own daughter. Consequently, Tara finds out Adi missing if she returns from Jaipur and hunts for him realizing that living with him could make her forlorn.

Tara and Adi start to comprehend the significance of one another’s existence in their life, particularly after seeing the patience and love Gopi has because of his ailing wife, that one day goes lost because she bewilderingly forgets the way for her house and can be located by Tara and Adi sitting on a temple stage in thick rain.

Tara’s mother visits Adi’s loved ones to go over a union, infuriating Tara. Later in the day, Adi’s match,”Mumbai 2.0″ gets picked for the contest at Los Angeles, which means he must leave to the United States shortly. He confides in Jenny that it would be hard for him to depart Tara. Tara, also, seems apparently vexed. The following day, Adi and Tara make a pact to enjoy themselves to the fullest for the subsequent ten days and they will eventually go their different ways.

1 afternoon, Charu goes lost . While searching for her, they begin bickering in their connection. But after locating Charu and bringing her house back to her husband, Adi eventually suggests marriage to Tara before they depart for their various destinations. They have married in Gopi’s home among close family and friends.

Post union, equally continue to achieve their own fantasies, one in Paris and another in Los Angeles, keeping in touch and awaiting the day they may be collectively.

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