Mulsi Pattern Full Movie Download

Mulsi Pattern Full Movie Download

Mulsi Pattern Full Movie Download filmyzilla leaked online. In this post, we will talk about Mulsi Pattern Full Movie Download in detail.Mulsi pattern full movie is directed by pravin tarde and this film was released on novermber 23, 2018.

Mulsi Pattern Full Movie Download Trailer:

Mulsi Pattern Full Movie Download Cast:

Om Bhutkar – Rahul Patil
Mohan Joshi – Sakharam Patil(Rahul father)
Pravin Tarde – Nanya Bhai
Upendra Limaye – Inspector Vitthal Godbole
Mahesh Manjrekar – Shirpya(Dipali father)
Malvika Gaekwad – Dipali
Sunil Abhyankar – the Lawyer
Kshitish Date – Ganya
Suresh Vishwakarma – Uday
Abhay Arun Gaikwad – Daya
Dipti Dhotre – Mangal Patil(Rahul sister)
Savita Malpekar – Dhurpi Patil(Rahul mother)
Ramesh Pardeshi – Pitya Bhai
Ajay Purkar – Builder Shinde

Mulsi Pattern Full Movie Download Story:

Sakharam Patil (Rahul’s dad ), a farmer, has been forced to sell his property. Rahul believes his loved ones have lost their dignity. After unintentionally damaging a builder’s automobile, Sakharam loses his job as a watchman in the builder’s bungalow. In addition to Rahul’s buddy Ganya, the household moves into Mulshi to work as laborers.

Rahul won’t work since he blames his father for the family’s problems. Afterwards, Rahul falls in love with Dipali, the girl of the mind laborer. 1 morning Rahul angrily defeats a builder who mistreated his dad, attracing the eye of neighborhood gangster Nanya Bhai who invites Rahul to work.

Rahul and Ganya equally Begin to work for Bhai. Rahul then learns it had been Bhai who pressured Rahul’s dad to lose his territory. In revenge, Rahul kills Bhai and requires charge of this gang. The murder of Bhai begins a war amongst the group members.

Other gang members start to struggle for control over the region. Recently employed Inspector Vitthal Godbole makes the decision to allow the gangs kill each other so as to decrease crime. Rahul befriends a little boy, also gives him a weapon to use in crises. Rahul then attempts to wed Dipali, but she refuses because he’s a gangster.

When cooperating with his loved ones, he learns that additional relatives have been making a fair living doing domestic chores while he appreciated the gains of crime. When Rahul informs Sakharam to laugh once again, his dad responds that Rahul’s occupation has taken away his joy. Finally, Rahul’s gang develops weak, and lots of his gang members get murdered, such as Ganya.

Rahul must now try to escape a rival gang. If he seeks help from the boy that he befriended, the boy shoots him. Since Rahul expires, he finds the boy’s family lost their property to Rahul’s gang and the boy had intended his murder. Upon hearing the news of Rahul’s departure, his dad, Sakharam Patil, laughs for the very first time.

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