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In this post we will talk about Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai Full Movie Download in detail. Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai Full Movie is directed by sanjay gadhvi and produced by yash chopra. Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai Full Movie budget is around ₹57.5 million and box office collection is around ₹165.4 million.



Uday Chopra – Sanjay Malhotra
Tulip Joshi – Anjali Sharma Malhotra
Jimmy Shergill – Rohit Khanna
Bipasha Basu – Ria
Dina Pathak – Dadi
Deven Verma – Hari Taya
Tannaz Irani – Anu (Anjali’s sister)
Saurabh Shukla – Anjali’s Mama
Parikshit Sahni – Rohit’s Dad
Bindu – Kapila Tai
Alok Nath – Vishnu Sharma(Anjali’s father)
Neena Kulkarni – Gayatri Sharma, Anjali’s mother
Nitesh Pandey – Ajit
Tushar Dalvi – Naren


Sanjay Malhotra (Uday Chopra) resides in Mumbai together with his buddy Riya (Bipasha Basu). He receives a telephone call from his childhood buddy Anjali Sharma (Tulip Joshi) who shocks him with the information that she’s getting married. Regrettably, Sanjay has adored Anjali for ages. Jealous and disappointed Sanjay makes his way into Anjali having a goal to prevent her union.

Sanjay goes into Anjali’s house and soon meets her gown, Rohit Khanna (Jimmy Sheirgill). Sanjay, being always reprimanded and lovingly chided for his playboy behavior and nobody takes him seriously. Sanjay then starts to scheme. He organises a bachelor party for Rohit and most of the guys in the household. Rohit ends up totally drunk. He picks up about that Sanjay is out to prevent his union and vows to be certain that Sanjay fails within this. Sanjay and Riya attempt to create Anjali covetous to create her know she enjoys him. In Anjali’s Mehendi service Riya tells Anjali she and Sanjay were not fans. Anjali shows that she adored Sanjay her life although the latter never knew it considered her as just his very best buddy. Rohit is heartbroken if he comes to know of the. Rohit informs Anjali’s mother she and her daughter had the exact same selection to get Anjali’s groom, Anjali always desired Sanjay to wed Anjali from deep inside their heart. On understanding his lack in her wedding, Anjali leaves Mumbai to fulfill Sanjay within her bridal gown. She asks him why he abandoned. Sanjay conveys his love for her stating that he can not see her marrying anybody else. Ultimately, both say their love for one another. Though Rohit fails in his struggle, he’s happy due to their love. Sanjay and Anjali have married, Rohit and Ria dancing and sing in their very best buddy’s wedding.

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