Marjaavaan Full Movie Download

Marjaavaan full movie download

In this post, we will talk about marjaavaan full movie download in detail. marjaavaan full movie directed by milap zaveri. marjaavaan full movie running time 135 minutes. marjaavaan full movie budget is around ₹38 crore and the box office collection is around ₹65.34 crore.

Marjaavaan Full Movie download Cast:

Sidharth Malhotra – Raghuvendra Nath
Riteish Deshmukh – Vishnu Shetty(Anna’s son)
Tara Sutaria – Zoya Ahmed(Raghu’s love interest)
Rakul Preet Singh – Aarzoo Hussain
Nassar – Narayan “Anna” Shetty(Vishnu’s father)
Shaad Randhawa – Mazhar(Raghu’s best friend)
Ravi Kishan – ACP Ravi Yadav
Om Kanojiya – Timepass
Anant Jog – Gaitonde(one of Narayan Anna’s enemies)
Amit Mehra – Gaitonde’s son
Varinder Singh Ghuman – Rakka
Bikramjeet Kanwarpal – Prison Fighter
Godaan Kumar – Shafi(Raghu’s friend)
Uday Nene – Gopi(Raghu’s best friend)
Alina Kazi – Sheena Hussain(Aarzoo’s younger sister)
Swati Seth – Zarika(Zoya’s friend)

Marjaavaan Full Movie download Trailer:

Marjaavaan Full Movie Story:

Raghu is a loyal goon into the neighborhood thug Narayan Anna who controls the water mafia at Mumbai. Anna’s reliance on Raghu does not sit well with Vishnu (Anna’s son), whose complexes originate from just his short stature because he’s just 3 feet tall. When Raghu drops for Zoya, a mute musically-inclined Kashmiri woman who teaches children songs, Vishnu jumps at the opportunity to use it in order to discredit his dad’s most favorite goon.

Vishnu kidnaps Gaitonde (among his dad’s enemies) and informs a child Zoya had chosen for her songs festival to take him. Zoya sees that and flees, but Vishnu is alerted of her existence. Vishnu informs his dad that there was an eyewitness to Gaitonde’s murder, which witness is Zoya, therefore Anna requests Raghu to kill Zoya, not understanding that Raghu enjoys her.

Raghu finds Zoya and attempts to run off from Vishnu along with his dad, but Vishnu grabs them orders Raghu, Zoya, and most of the children to be murdered. Vishnu’s dad tells Raghu he and the children will be secure if he kills just Zoya, as she’s the eyewitness into Gaitonde’s murder. Zoya informs Raghu to kill her that he and the children stay secure. Zoya provides Raghu the weapon, puts her thumb over his, pulls the trigger, and dies in his arms.

The authorities detain a traumatized Raghu to get Zoya’s murder. In prison, Raghu becomes miserable and broken. The kids bury Zoya, Raghu’s friends, along with her friends. Vishnu attempts to get Raghu murdered in prison, understanding if he’s discharged, he’ll take revenge. But, Raghu beats the goons Vishnu hired. Vishnu then dismisses Raghu’s buddy Mazar’s leg since Mazar kicked him.

When Vishnu’s dad informs him that Raghu is going to probably be sentenced to life, Vishnu assists Raghu in escape by bribing the proofs, intending to kill Raghu upon his discharge. But when Raghu returns, Vishnu sees that Raghu isn’t the same following Zoya’s departure. His dad tells him that Raghu expired the day he murdered Zoya.

Vishnu tries various methods to bring Raghu straight back to his old methods but fails. Raghu had completely altered, and his old habits had changed. Vishnu’s dad catches him and warns him from that, but Vishnu angrily kills his dad and sends goons to kill Raghu. But, Raghu kills all and buries them. He visits Zoya’s tomb and vows revenge on Vishnu; his buddies join him in this assignment.

On the afternoon of Dussera, when Vishnu comes to burn Ravana’s idol, Raghu arrives and begins beating all of the goons. Vishnu pierces an arrow into Raghu’s heart, but Raghu chucked him to the floor and burns him.

While dying, Raghu sees Zoya’s soul and dies peacefully, surrounded by friends and loved ones. The police arrive, and also the inspector informs the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) who Raghu expired. The ACP answers that Raghu returned into his lifetime, which had been with Zoya.

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