Kannum Kannum kollaiyadithaal Movie Download( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal movie download

Kannum Kannum kollaiyadithaal Movie Download leaked online by fimywap. In this post we will talk about Kannum Kannum kollaiyadithaal Movie Download in detail. Kannum Kannum kollaiyadithaal Movie Download directed by Desingh Periyasamy. Kannum Kannum kollaiyadithaalMovie Download running time is 162 minute.

Kannum Kannum kollaiyadithaal Movie Download cast:

Dulquer Salmaan – Siddharth
Ritu Varma – Meera
Rakshan – Khallis(Kaaleeswaramurthy)
Niranjani Ahathian – Thenmozhi (Shreya/Varsha)
Gautham Menon – DCP Prathap Chakravarthi
Anish Kuruvilla – Sooraj Mehta
Vikash Rajendran – Amjith (Prathap’s assistant)
Tiger Garden Thangadurai – Two wheeler mechanic
Ameesha Chowdhary – Mrs Mehta
Udhayabhanu Maheshwaran – CBI Higher Official
Gajaraj – a house owner
Lakshmi – Mrs Prathap Chakravarthi
Baby Monika Siva – Prathap’s daughter
Jacqueline – Kallis’s friend (cameo appearance)

Kannum Kannum kollaiyadithaal Movie Download trailer:

Kannum Kannum kollaiyadithaal Movie Download story:

Siddharth and Kaliswaran Moorthy are just two kids in Chennai who seemingly don’t have any household, live alone and spend their time partying with girls. They’re shown as freelancer techies working at home. Siddharth falls to get a door-to-door beautician, Meera. He proposes to her and she takes. Kallis has a beat on Meera’s buddy, Shreya, a chef.

Meera has been shown to be the orphan brought up in an orphanage and Shreya is shown to be shipped off to fend for himself because her household faces difficulty by loan sharks back in her hometown. The men spend their cash and soon realise they’re running low. That is when it’s revealed they are con artists, who use online shopping scams to make money.

DCP Pratap Chakravarthy begins to investigate their scam when his kid’s notebook stinks. He realizes the scammers use the speeches of deserted homes and people WiFi to purchase digital goods on online platforms and reunite or re-sell them online after replacing original internal components with old and replicate ones. Since DCP Pratap attempts to track down the offenders, Siddharth alters their strategy and the boys loot expensive things from luxury automobiles by developing a system that hacks into the locking procedures of these automobiles.

Pratap nearly shuts down to them if the boys steal his buddy’s notebook from his vehicle and attempt to sell it, however, the boys escape . Meera calls Siddharth and informs him that her purse was snatched. She yells that although just 3000Rs had been stolen, it’d been hard-earned cash. Siddharth feels guilty and the men opt to shed the ill-earned method of surviving.

They decide to settle in Goa by starting a restaurant using the remaining money in their scams and proceed to Goa with Meera and Shreya. Pratap tracks down the boys’ address simply to find the house vacated. He shortly follows to Goa. It’s then proven , though Pratap was investigating the online electronics scam along with the automobile thefts, this time he’d really started tracking Meera and Shreya, that are bigger con artists compared to Siddharth and Kallis. He informs them that the girls’ purpose is to make men fall to get themthen loot their cash.

Kannum Kannum kollaiyadithaal Movie Download 480p

He’d initially recognized Meera has among those con artists using a distinctive necklace which was in the purse snatched from herthen recognized her link to the men, following which he’d gone into Siddharth and Kallis’ former home in Chennai and’d finally tracked them into Goa. Siddharth and Kallis find their luggage of cash missing and so are heart-broken to find the girls they’d loved had tricked them.

They hitchhike into Chennai with vacant pockets and gradually use their’criminal’ minds to find the girls. They figure out that the girls are in Delhi, with Meera in the individuality of Ishita, a freelance area arrangement adviser, and face them.

Kannum Kannum kollaiyadithaal Movie Download 720p

Shocked, the girls return the purse of cash and request them to depart, but Siddharth suggests they group up and discuss the sum they slip in another venture. In the event the girls fall to them in the procedure, they’ll remain together.

Otherwise, they intend to split the loot and part ways. It’s also shown that Meera’s name is Madhumitha and Shreya’s name is Varsha, which both of these were orphans in precisely the same orphanage, who’d shot to con artists after being fed from their deceit in society, particularly its men.

Madhu and Varsha concur to Siddharth’s deal. They opt to target a wealthy, old businessman, Sooraj Mehta, who eyes Madhu (as Ishita) in mediation course. Varsha also befriends Sooraj’s spouse in fitness center.

The men, using their technological brain, gradually break down the safety attributes in Sooraj’s car and home. Using a spycam in Madhu’s mobile and a voice recorder made as a necklace, they realize he is a drug dealer, that has 1 Crore USD in his residence, which is equal to 71 Crore INR. When others opt to play safe by dropping the strategy, Siddharth convinces them to remain on, and flee abroad following the heist to prevent Sooraj’s anger.

They intend to go into the garage in Sooraj’s home by using his Rolls-Royce and also get his fingerprint to join the locker room using a 3D printer. According to Siddharth’s strategy, Varsha would be to spend the afternoon shopping with Sooraj’s spouse and Madhu would be to spend time together with Sooraj, while the men loot the cash using Sooraj’s automobile.

They intend to hijack Sooraj’s car while it’s parked in the Hyatt Hotel car park, and use it to input Sooraj’s chemical, knowing they won’t be regarded as the automobile’s windshield and windows are tinted. However there comes a change in their strategy when Sooraj pushes to his personal guesthouse instead of the Hyatt Hotel, to the surprise of Madhu along with others. Shocked, the men follow the vehicle to a suburban place. Madhu is inside with Sooraj along with the men have just 1 hour to finish the heist, instead of both they had intended for.

Siddharth informs Kallis the Sooraj’s automobile is complex and could be hacked to do lots of things. He opens an program he’d invented and gets the car push itself from the guesthouse, with some aid from Kallis. Then they drive to Sooraj’s home and securely go into the garage but finds out the way to enter the next security door in the garage, a blueprint is demanded.

Siddharth asks Madhu to find out Sooraj’s telephone layout along with also the men successfully enter the garage. Together with the 3D printed thumbprint, they enter the locker room, open the locker and steal the cash. Madhu fakes a fainting and a nosebleed and the men return the automobile to the guesthouse, just in time for Sooraj to hurry an’unconscious’ Madhu into the hospital. When Sooraj goes in to bring out the physicians, Madhu escapes.

Since it would not be possible to spend the money from the country via an airport without raising suspicion, Siddharth states they are going to Thailand by street and the pairs put off on their bicycles. They experience Pratap doing automobile checks in their resort gate and Siddharth devises a strategy immediately.

Ahead of the men leave to confuse Pratap, the girls show they have fallen in love together. Thankfully, the men rush off and inform Pratap the girls are escaping in a white vehicle. Pratap, following a vehicle the men point out, assumes they are going into the airport. Then he assaults a security guard in the airport and also breaches the airport safety to spoil the girls, and the men escape.

Siddharth and Kallis call Madhu and tell the girls they have all of the cash and the luggage in the bicycles are vacant. It is said it is their payback and the authorities will reach their place in a couple of minutes. The girls are shocked and devastated, and inform them that they deserve this for cheating Sid and Kallis in the first location.

But when the Police vehicle enters the hideout, Sid and Kallis escape from their vehicle and say they were just messing about and the money had been in the luggage the girls needed. They state that since the girls did not attempt to run off but remained feeling they deserved this for cheating Sid and Kallisthey think the girls have started loving them and the two spouses reconcile and decide to repay.
In Chennai, Pratap is being contested by the CBI for breaching airport safety and for abandoning a high-profile match-fixing situation he was working in Delhi (for he was checking vehicles) to proceed after two girls that are small cheaters.

In a flashback, it’s shown that Pratap was likewise a casualty of Madhu’s scams. In a scene mimicking a scene by Gautam Vasudev Menon’s romantic movie Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, he’d presents an infrequent, expensive necklace to Madhu — the same one which he’d utilized to track down her when her purse had been stolen in the first half of the film. Too ashamed to announce he was also a sufferer, Pratap hangs his head low and it’s indicated he may face a suspension for abandoning his match-fixing case.

Back in Sooraj’s home, Sooraj watches a CCTV footage of Siddharth and Kallis stealing the cash however, their face is concealed. The men have utilized infrared flashlights in their own caps, which have tricked the camera. Sooraj can’t complain to authorities also since it’s illegal cash.

In the final scene, even since they’re camping in their way to Thailand, Madhumita sees her name tattooed Siddarth’s forearm and she guiltily states that it is not her name, simply to get duped as Siddarth rubs the ink off saying”You think I do not understand you?” Varsha shows herself as Thenmozhi and’Madhumita’ asks Sid to guess her name, and all four of these squabble on.

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