Kali Malayalam Movie Download

Kali Malayalam Movie Download

Kali Malayalam Movie Download leaked by filmywap. In this post, we will talk about Kali Malayalam Movie Download in detail. Kali Malayalam movie directed by samir thahir.

Kali Malayalam Movie Download filmywap Cast:

Dulquer Salmaan – Siddharth
Sai Pallavi – Anjali Siddharth
Vinayakan – John
Chemban Vinod Jose – Chakkara
Soubin Shahir – Prakasan
V. K. Prakash – Siddharth’s father
Sandhya Ramesh – Siddharth’s mother
Sidhartha Siva – Service Centre Manager
Sandeep Narayanan – SI Senthil Kumar
Vanitha Krishnachandran – Anjali’s mother
Dinesh Panicker – Anjali’s father
Kunchan – House Owner
Alencier Ley Lopez – FD Customer
Anjali Nair – House owner’s daughter
Master Ihman – House owner’s grandson
Hareesh Perumanna – Hamsa
Imthiyaz Khader – Bank Manager
Sini Abraham – Smitha
Thanseel P. S. – Alex, Sidharth’s friend
Nebish Benson – Young Sidharath
Vijilesh Karayad – Moped Guy
Vishnu purushan – Waiter Boy

Kali Malayalam Movie Download filmyzilla Trailer:

Kali Malayalam Movie Download Story:

Siddharth (Dulquer Salmaan) is a young guy, gets extremely upset, very fast, as revealed in flashback where when a child strikes his nose to generate fun of his rage problems, the kid has beaten seriously, nose bleeding. In college, a pupil gang from another school hits Sidharth’s buddy. With this Sidharth defeats all of the pupils of this gang with additional beating for people who hit on him.

He’s married to Anjali (Sai Pallavi) by enroll union. During his friends help him gets work in a financial institution in Kochi. Sidharth gets mad and shuts off the main power switch when a little kid from area comes to his home and sets TV volume very large regardless of Sidharths petition to turn off the TV. While leaving the home, the child questions his behaviour. With this Sidharth informs Anjali the way the child is acting without respect. Then Anjali informs Sidharth the child is correct,he should restrain his rage for which anger management colleges could be attended.

Anjali parents need them to come to get a purpose. Anjali mother only speaks and calls to Anjali. Anjali informs her to create her dad call Sidharth. The mother insists. Sidharth retains a chunk for anger management at work where he focus to bring down his rage when he strike foolish clients.

There are many cases where Sidharth’s anger chooses the better . In one such case where Sidharth shouts in her father, believing he’s a random man calling Anjali on telephone, she leaves mentioning she can’t live with such an individual. Siddharth has to drive her house in Masinagudi at Tamil Nadu. Along the road, a trucker overtakes their automobile without even warning that nearly causes them to crash. A mad Siddharth follows the truck along with the episode becomes a road rage. He overtakes the truck however a shaken Anjali begs him to let it all go. He obeys her and they keep in their way in which Anjali informs him she is hungry.

They stop by a roadside hotel that’s run by a ruthless gangster, John (Vinayakan), along with his henchmen. Sidharth gets in trouble with all the resort staff for his temper. After the meals, as the two of them recognize they do not money to cover, the resort staff indicate among these go and bring money from nearby ATM. Since Anjali can’t return , she agrees to proceed even though she’s not great in driving their vehicle.

Some time after she leaves, Chakkara also leaves the restaurant as a fearful Siddharth attempts to get Anjali.

Anjali also is not able to contact Siddharth because of network failure and she fails to come across any ATM. Underneath her, she finds Chakkara’s truck after her and employing horn and bothersome so as to frighten her so she can’t drive the vehicle in the center of the lonely street. She proceeds driving but is not able to escape because it’s a one-way street.

Meanwhile, Siddharth, after waiting for quite a very long time and dreading Anjali’s security, attempts to escape the restaurant but is caught from the henchmen and can be secured in a space. Anjali keeps on driving Chakkara straight behind her. Another trucker who’d noticed both at the restaurant witnesses this.

Siddharth, today aware, attempt to escape in the area along with a young boy that had been operating at the restaurant opens the locked area to assist him out. He steps to the midst of a gang battle. At precisely the exact same time, Chakkara corners Anjali in a bend once her car becomes stuck in the subway. He divides the chimney to rape Anjali as he’s going to drag her from the vehicle, another trucker arrives on the scene with authorities which empowers Anjali to escape out of Chakkara’s cruel intentions, who renders this place regarding the light of authorities jeep at the far.

Anjali, with the support of the authorities, arrives back in the restaurant to locate John seriously hurt and Siddharth using a knife. Siddharth is detained and the authorities inform Anjali he is going to be imprisoned if John expires. However, John reports on the authorities the prior owner of the resort came with rowdy gang to conquer John end up in gang battle.

Siddharth and Anjali driveway to her home. Along the road, she asks him why he’d requested her to go and he admits that he had been really afraid to leave them in the restaurant. He admits it was his temper which got them into trouble and claims to work hard to restrain his anger problems, although it cannot be achieved immediately.

Along the road, they visit Chakkara along with his truck that has broken down. Anjali stops the vehicle and Siddharth, as the very first step towards controlling his anger, decides to let him move but a mad Anjali won’t forgive Chakkara. Siddharth measures from this automobile using Anjali’s existential consent to vent his rage an additional time also runs in fury towards Chakkara. Chakkara takes an iron rod in his hands. However, Siddharth runs while lifting his fist and the screen cuts to black, representing the conclusion of the movie.

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