Kadaram Kondan Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmyzilla

t kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla

In this post, we will talk about kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla in detail. kadaram kondan full movie directed by Rajesh M. Salva. kadaram kondan full movie running tims is 114 minutes.

kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla Cast:

Vikram – KK
Akshara Haasan – Aatirah
Abi Hassan – Vasu Rajagopalan
Lena – Kalpana Rengaswamy
Vikas Shrivastav – Vincent Rajadurai
Puravalan – Navin
Ravindra Vijay – Umar Ahamed
Cherry Mardia – Catherine Williams
Rajesh Kumar – Amaldas David(Chief of Police)
Jasmine Kaur – Annie Jayanathan
Siddhartha Shankar – Nandha
Jawaharlal – Anad Makaio

kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla Trailer:

kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla Story:

A middle-aged guy breaks from a workplace in the Petronas Towers following a botched robbery, while being chased by two assassins. If they corner him the guy is struck by a bicycle and sustains serious injuries, leaving him in a coma.

Meanwhile, Vasu Rajagopalan, a physician who has just transferred to Kuala Lumpur with his pregnant wife Aatirah, is delegated to the hospital to which the comatose robber was admitted.

After botching a murder attempt in the robber’s lifetime, he sees the authorities, which divides Inspector Kalpana Rangaswamy into the circumstance. She provides Vasu her signature number, advising him to call if he finds anything suspicious.

kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla 400 mb

Upon returning home, a guy strikes Vasu and knocks him out, before kidnapping Aatirah. When Vasu comes to his senses, he receives a call from the assailant, who requests him to discharge the robber in the hospital in exchange for Aatirah. Meanwhile, Kalpana finds the identity of the robber – KK, a notorious criminal and ex-police commando needed for burglary and contraband dealing. She rushes into the hospital along with her partners – Navin and Catherine, narrowly missing Vasu, who’d managed to exfiltrate KK in the hospital.

Kalpana’s rival group, led by Assistant Commissioner Vincent Rajadurai, notorious for their barbarous manner of solving criminal cases, can also be on the insides of KK’s case. He explains to Kalpana that KK is closely joined to the recent murder of a wealthy industrialist and warns her to step aside, to which she fails. Meanwhile, Vasu needs KK to launch Aatirah in KL Sentral, in exchange for him to be sent securely, to which he insists.

In the market point, Aatirah and KK are nearly on the brink of being traded, but the two assassins who’d chased KK previously arrive, forcing the duos to escape. The assailant brings Aatirah straight back to his hideout, however, is murdered by both assassins, who forcefully abduct Aatirah.
kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla 1.2 gb

Vasu and KK take refuge at KK’s safe house. While KK is diverted, Vasu manages to get Kalpana, alerting her of the dire situation. Kalpana arrives in the safehouse, but not until Vincent’s staff does. She’s subsequently shot dead by Vincent, who’s shown to be a dirty cop.
kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla 1.5 gb

Following Vincent’s leaves, KK manages to subdue his captors and injures one of Vincent’s guys – Umar, demanding the facts behind his botched burglary effort. Umar shows to KK he was only a pawn in Vincent’s criminal actions; Vincent was hired by a businessman to kill his dad – the industrialist, in order to allow the latter to inherit his father’s wealth.

Vincent had listed the occasion on a spy camera and had arranged for his colleague, Anand Makaio – KK’s boss, to cover his or her tracks. Makaio had delivered KK into the industrialist’s office in the Petronas Towers in the title of retrieving the documents of the criminal cases. In fact, it was a trap set by Vincent, who needed to have somebody framed for the murder. Vincent’s guys (the two assassins) had tried to murder KK too (as revealed in the movie’s beginning); they’d retreated after KK’s accident.
kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla 480p

The authorities arrive in the safehouse, forcing KK and Vasu to escape. Vasu is framed for Kalpana’s murder, making him a wanted fugitive. The authorities chase the duo across town, but they don’t grab them. Vasu begs KK to rescue his spouse, to which he consents.

KK coordinates together with his partners and creates a plan to rescue Aatirah; Vasu finds that Aatirah’s kidnapper was really KK’s younger brother, Nanda. KK corners Makaio and has him produce a diversion in order to divert Vincent, before killing him because of his betrayal. Meanwhile, the Aatirah is taken into police custody under Vincent’s view; he intends to get her murdered after killing Vasu.

The following day, KK sets his plan into action – he and his partners coordinate mass robberies throughout the town and have the offenders arrested by law enforcement under Vincent’s authority, thus creating mass chaos in his police station.

Since KK had anticipated, Vincent leaves to fulfill Makaio (within their diversion). With Vincent from this way, KK and Vasu infiltrate the police station under the guise of police officers and try to split into Vincent’s secure – that contains the footage of the industrialist’s murder. Annie,” Vincent’s colleague, tries to possess Aatirah murdered.

kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla hd

She’s incapacitated by Vasu, but not until she manages to injure Aatirah. Vincent, upon discovering Makaio’s murder, deduces KK’s deception and rushes backagain. He struggles with KK, resulting in the latter knocking out the former. KK acquires the pencil drive containing the footage of the assassination and crops it on Vasu, which has been seized by Catherine.

She finds the pencil in Vasu’s pocket and performs with it, exposing Vincent, who’s subsequently arrested due to his criminal acts. Vasu is discharged and is escorted into the hospital at which Aatirah was admitted; she’s revealed to have successfully averted a miscarriage.

kadaram kondan full movie in hindi dubbed download filmyzilla 1080p

She gives birth to a wholesome girl and has an emotional reunion with Vasu, while KK quietly escapes, having taken his revenge.

Seven decades after, on Vasu’s daughter’s birthday, Vasu and Aatirah find that Vincent was killed under mysterious circumstances while on parole. In addition, they get a present from KK – containing a necklace that Aatirah had formerly worn – implying that KK had murdered Vincent.

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