Kabir Singh Full Movie Download

Kabir Singh full movie download

Kabir Singh Full Movie Download leaked by filmyzilla. In this post, we will talk about Kabir Singh Full Movie Download in detail. Kabir Singh Full Movie Directed by sandeep reddy vanga. Kabir singh full movie budget is around ₹60 crore and box office collection is around ₹379 crore.

Kabir Singh Full Movie Download Cast:

Shahid Kapoor – Dr Kabir Rajdheer Singh
Kiara Advani – Dr Preeti Sikka
Soham Majumdar – Dr Shiva
Arjan Bajwa – Karan Rajdheer Singh(Kabir’s brother)
Nikita Dutta – Jiah Sharma
Kamini Kaushal – Sadhna Kaur(Kabir and Karan’s grandmother)
Suresh Oberoi – Rajdheer Singh(Kabir and Karan’s father)
Adil Hussain – the medical college dean
Kunal Thakur – Dr. Kamal
Anusha Sampath – Dr. Keerti
Swati Seth – Dr. Vidya
Anurag Arora – Harpal Sikka(Preeti’s father)
Vinay Sharma – Dr. Kalyan “Sir”
Amit Sharma – Amit
Geetika Mehandru – Preeti’s roommate
Suparna Marwah – Vishaka Sikka(Preeti’s mother)
Dolly Minhas – Mrs Rajdheer Singh(Kabir and Karan’s mother)
Harsh A. Singh – Kabir’s lawyer
Vanita Kharat – Pushpa(Kabir’s maid)
Urvashi Panchal – Nurse Durga
Siya Mahajan – Nurse Rani
Vipul Deshpande – a hospital doctor
Parakh Madan – Preeti’s sister
Mitansh Lulla – Preeti’s brother
Ankush Deshmukh – Lakshman
Ramakant Dayma – Shiva’s father
Gagandeep Singh – Jatinder
Meneka Kurup Arora – a judge
Abhay Dheeraj Singh – Preeti’s brother-in-law
Aanchal Chauhan – Karan’s wife
Teena Singh – a patient’s fiance
Rajat Aroraa – a patient
Danish – Shiva’s future brother-in-law
Anagha Joshi – the lady on the roof

Kabir Singh Full Movie Download Trailer:

Kabir Singh Full Movie Download Story:

Regardless of being a brilliant surgeon and student, he has severe anger management conditions that make the anger of their faculty dean. Kabir’s aggressive character has gained him a reputation among his juniors as a school bully.

Following a brawl with pupils from another school, the dean requests Kabir to apologize or leave the faculty. Kabir initially appeared to depart but changes his thoughts upon catching sight of bashful first-year student Preeti Sikka.

Kabir and his pals enter a classroom of male medical students to declare that Kabir has promised Preeti, cautioning them that she’s exclusive for him. Although originally timid, Preeti starts adjusting to Kabir’s overbearing attitude.

She finally reciprocates his feelings and they create a passionate, romantic relationship. Kabir graduates with an MBBS degree and renders for Mussoorie to pursue a postgraduate level in orthopedic surgery.

Kabir and Preeti’s relationship strengthens within the upcoming few decades, regardless of the long-distance. Following Preeti graduates, Kabir visits her house to meet her conservative Sikh parents, but her daddy Harpal catches them throws Kabir out.

Harpal opposes Preeti and Kabir’s relationship despite Kabir’s efforts to explain he enjoys Preeti and would like to marry her. Enraged along with his self hurt, Kabir needs that Preeti select between their household within six hours, or he’ll end his or her relationship.

From the time she succeeds to achieve Kabir’s home to talk with him, he’s panicked himself into believing Preeti doesn’t desire him, gotten drunk, and injected himself with morphine. He remains unconscious for 2 weeks and misses his elderly brother Karan’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Preeti’s family forces her into an arranged marriage. When Kabir awakens and accomplishes this, he conducts to Preeti’s home, crashes the wedding celebration, and protests; Harpal has him beaten and detained. Following Kabir’s launch, his dad, Rajdheer, ostracises him by the household because of his antics.

Together with his buddy Shiva’s aid, Kabir finds a rented apartment and combines a private hospital for a surgeon. To deal with his feelings, he begins abusing alcohol and drugs, efforts one-night stands, purchases a pet, and names it after Preeti; all these steps are ineffective.

Within weeks, he’s a successful surgeon and also a high-functioning alcoholic equally admired and feared by the hospital team, as a result of his elevated operation count and aggressiveness.

Kabir’s self-destructive behavior and obsession with all Preeti fear of his buddies. He persuades one of his patients, movie actress Jia Sharma, to really have a no-strings relationship with him which he finishes when she adores love.

Whilst hungover on an off day, Kabir is called in to carry out an emergency operation, which he agrees to perform. During the process, he awakens from dehydration. Suspicious, the hospital employees acquire his blood samples, which they find to include traces of cocaine and alcohol.

The hospital main files a case against Kabir, also through an in-house hearing,” he admits to his alcoholism, violating medical ethics, and threatening patients, even though Shiva and Karan having made structures to bond him out.

Kabir’s medical permit is suspended for five decades and he’s evicted from his apartment. The morning after, he sees of his grandma’s passing; in the funeral, he and Rajdheer emotionally reconcile and Kabir resolves to stop his self-destructive customs.

In a driveway, Kabir places a heavily pregnant Preeti sitting at a park, looking dejected. He afterward approaches her with Shiva with his side, begging her to hear him. He insists he will increase the kid with her when she’s miserable in her marriage and implores her to depart with him.

Preeti initially sits quietly and won’t look at him but bursts into angry tears, yelling at Kabir for shedding her easily and telling him to get lost. Shiva then clarifies about Kabir’s overdose, which Preeti was oblivious of, and all that Kabir has gone through within the previous nine months.

Shocked, Preeti admits that she left her husband three times after their union, cut herself off from her family ever since, and was operating in a practice to encourage herself; with been overcome with anger, particularly after hearing about Kabir’s affair with Jia, she’d refused to contact him.

She shows that the marriage wasn’t consummated and that the kid is, in actuality, Kabir’s. The couple marries and reunites with their respective households, and Harpal apologizes to them. The movie finishes with Kabir and Preeti on a shore with their brand new infant.

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