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Joker Tamil movie download

In this post we will talk about joker tamil movie download in detail. Joker tamil movie directed by raju murugan.

Joker tamil movie download Cast:

Guru Somasundaram – Mannar Mannan
Ramya Pandian – Malliga
Gayathri Krishnaa – Isai
Mu Ramaswamy – ‘Potti Case’ Ponnoonjal
Bava Chelladurai
P.V.Anandakrishnan – S.P
Kaniyappan – Goat Owner
V. Thamaraiselvan – Collector’s PA
S.A. Letchuman – Flashback Collector
Vimala – Convent sister
S. Mahalakshmi – Nurse
Arts Kannan – Akhila’s father

Joker tamil movie download Trailer:

Joker tamil movie download Story:

Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram) is a villager who admits himself as the President of India. He leads several protests against different injustices occurring around his village. The majority of the time, he’s considered a joker. He and his little group of like-minded people sue on behalf of the villagers.

Among Mannan’s instances is contrary to the regional illegal sand mining team whose lorry maimed a goat. Another situation is contrary to a local school proprietor whose land a toddler dropped down an open deep bore well, leading to brain damage. If this case has been dismissed, Mannan stabs the faculty owner and is detained. His last is told via the report filed to the judge’s order.

Mannan falls in loves with Malliga, who’s in the neighbouring village. Malliga proclaims that she’ll marry him if he assembles a bathroom at his property. He applies for a government strategy that offers incentive for constructing a bathroom, together with his acquaintances, but is cheated from this government grant and can be passed over only the basin. As soon as the President of India declares a trip to the village to officially open the very first bathroom constructed under this scheme, Mannan’s home is chosen.

This pushes the village councilor to finish the bare toilet. It’s still unfinished once the safety team fails clearance and the other villager’s bathroom is selected instead. Mallika yearns to use the bathroom. If she can use it through a storm, the bare walls fall on her and can be found the following day by Mannan, the afternoon of the President’s trip. The authorities and the politicians lock him up in his home when he needs an ambulance.

It was too late when Malliga is eventually carried to the hospital. She moves to a vegetative state, and the foetus has been missing. He also petitions all of the way into the Supreme Court to give euthanasia to his spouse. Mannan loses his head while he waits for a verdict. He takes up different causes and is defeated at the police station each moment.

Mannan gets out on bond to proceed into the Last hearing at the Supreme Court. The justices deny that the euthanasia request and order a psychological test of Mannan. Mannan walks from this hospital and hitchhikes his way back to his own village.

He’s struck by a lorry of this sand miners. He’s recognized from the mortuary by his own partners. Mannan’s sister blames his partners for his passing. In the long run, the partners treat Mannan’s spouse, while also reporting his death for murder.

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