Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie Download Movierulz

Jaya Janaki Nayaka full movie download movierulz

Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie Download Movierulz leaked online. In this post we will talk about Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie Download Movierulz in detail. Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie Directed by Boyapati srinu. Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie running time 149 minutes.

Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie Download Movierulz Cast:

Bellamkonda Sreenivas – Gagan Chakravarthy
Rakul Preet Singh – Janaki (Sweety)
Jagapathi Babu – Aswith Narayana Varma
Pragya Jaiswal in an extended cameo as Falguni
Sarath Kumar – Chakravarthy(Gagan’s father)
Suman – Central Minister
Tarun Arora – Arjun Pawar
Nandu – Prudhvi(Gagan’s brother)
Jayaprakash – JP(Sweety’s father)
Shashank – Veerendra Varma(Narayana’s son)
Sravan – Arjun’s brother
Vani Viswanath – Narayana’s sister
Sithara – Narayana’s wife
Chalapathi Rao – Satyam
G. V. Sudhakar Naidu – Inspector
Dhanya Balakrishna – Sweety’s friend

Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie download movierulz trailer:

Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie download movierulz story:

Let’s see story of Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie Download Movierulz. Sweety is a college-going pupil. Her buddy leaves school because an eve teaser, the son of the Central Minister, disturbs her. As it pertains to trouble her for encouraging her buddy, he has beaten up by a co-student called Gagan Chakravarthy, his dad Chakravarthy, along with his brother Prudhvi. The Central Minister subsequently makes it a point to shoot Gagan and down his family.

Gagan, Chakravarthy, and Pruthvi are best buddies and spirits friends and just have each other, because Gagan’s and Pruthvi’s mother died (Chakravarthy’s spouse ). They can do everything from drinking alcohol into ingesting foods that are roadside and beating up wrongdoers from the society.

Sweety begins getting attracted to Gagan, and they begin to hang out, and that she has to learn about his loved ones. She’s to Gagan’s home and produces a change in their lifestyle due to their own sake, for which Chakravarthy happily insists.

Meanwhile, Sweety, learns about Pruthvi’s adore collapse and ends up reconciling with all the prospective bride’s parents, and the union is conducted in a grand way. Chakravarthy, upon viewing the joy and joy from the air in the marriage, comprehends that Sweety is why for what and asks Gagan to always be by her side, and when he’s not by her side one day, then Chakravarthy along with his loved ones like dead.

In a parallel course, the CM attends the involvement of the daughter of an extremely wealthy, righteous, ruthless nonetheless prestige-driven businessman, Aswith Narayana Varma.

The prospective groom, nevertheless, finds a movie of Narayana’s daughter romancing and kissing the other man she enjoyed ahead of the engagement. The apparel shows Narayana and informs him about that. The morning after, in breaking news on TV, it’s shown that Narayana has intentionally murdered the groom in dread of his pride/prestige being ruined.

Narayana claims that the thing he cares about the many on earth is his pride/prestige, and he’ll go to some extent to conserve it. He leaves a gun to the desk, and compels his daughter picks it up and shoots herself. He kills her ex-boyfriend also.

Narayana and his own firm plan to construct a highway which is likely to make his business the very prosperous business in all Asia, however, his son Veerendra shows that the job includes competition in the shape of the largest spirits don in North India, Arjun Pawar. Arjun is encouraged by both brothers also has purchased off most Narayana’s close associates and acquaintances except for his attorney JP.

Arjun threatens JP, saying that when he fails to agree to his conditions, his daughter must wed his eldest brother; differently, he’ll kill her. JP agrees from fear. Narayana, nevertheless, retaliates and sends Veerendra to disable Arjun’s brother and divides the trunk, and places him in a vital state forever. Now, Arjun then decides to strike back.

Sweety understands that she’s really in love with Gagan and expresses her feelings towards him. Gagan is thrilled, also Sweety takes him into her home to her daddy JP, where he insults him later realizing his way of life and the standing that Chakravarthy has in society, then proceeds to insult Sweety. Enraged, Gagan provides JP a warning, but Sweety, that cares for her dad’s life more than anything else, sends Gagan off and tells him never to return.

Heartbroken, Gagan pushes and attempts to overlook Sweety but is not able to and gets into an auto crash. Fearing for his life, Chakravarthy along with his uncle ship him away with famous loved ones in Vizag. Faluguni arrives in the airport and chooses Gagan upward, and Gagan realizes that her lifestyle is young, wild, and totally free. Falguni, nevertheless, does not have any interest in Gagan romantically. While driving back following a party on the shore. Gagan witnesses a household being assaulted.

He decides to rescue themand they prove to become Narayana’s loved ones, also Arjun’s brother was delivered to complete them off. Narayana’s family pleads Gagan to rescue them along with their daughter-in-law. Gagan fights off a few of Pawar’s guys and conserves the daughter-in-law, who happens to become Sweety. Shocked, Gagan is subsequently taken four times and can be left for dead. The physicians wind up saving him about the orders of As with Narayana Varma and the flashback is shown by Narayana’s wife.

After breaking Arjun’s brother spine, Narayana then fulfilled JP, and they opt to have Veerendra wed with Sweety.

In the marriage, as Veerendra is going to tie the knot, he’s shot and murdered, and Arjun’s guys come and kidnap every person to kill them. Since Veerendra expired at the hands of Arjun, JP does not have any option but to allow her daughter away in your Narayana family. But, Narayana’s sister telephones her brother and informs him that they want Sweety, because she’s nearly wed to Veerendra, and made a decision to embrace Sweety because their daughter-in-law. Since her prospective husband is dead, Sweety becomes a poor widow with no family emotions. Gagan then promises to protect Sweety till he expires and will fix all of her problems.

Narayana’s sister comes and says that the household must conduct pooja in the Hamsala Deevi lake place. She sees Gagan, who states he can’t come together. Narayana’s sister, in fact, has cut a deal with Arjun for Sweety and leave her family, and Arjun agrees. Since Narayana and the remainder of his family play the pooja, they are assaulted by Arjun’s guys.

Since they are going to assault Sweety, Gagan emerges from the water combined with Chakravarthy and Nandu and kills everybody. He chooses Sweety with him and Narayana believes his pride/prestige has been ruined. Afterward, the Central Minister enrages equally Narayana and Arjun on Gagan, so that they join hands with each other in removing Gagan once and for all.

Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie Download Movierulz 1080p

From the assault, Chakravarthy and Pruthvi are severely wounded, and Narayana kidnaps Sweety. Gagan afterward lugs his wounded brother and dad to where Sweety has been retained and kills everybody but Narayana. Eventually, Gagan claims that Narayana dropped his pride/prestige quite a while back when he joined hands with his enemy that murdered his son simply to kill a mere woman. Since Narayana is listening to this, he shoots himself dies. Chakravarthy decides to have Gagan wed to Sweety and inquires what name she’d enjoy on the wedding. Sweety states”Janaki”, and the movie ends on a happy note.

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