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Jai Lava Kusa 2017 telugu full movie download free 700mb):-

In this post we wll talk about jai lava kusa 2017 telugu full movie download free 700mb in detail. Jai Lava Kusa 2017 Telugu full movie directed by K.S. Ravindra. Jai Lava Kusa telugu full movie running time is 153 minutes.Jai Lava Kusa 2017 Telugu Full Movie Download budget is around ₹45 crore and box office collection is around ₹130.90 crore.

Jai Lava Kusa 2017 Telugu Full Movie Download Free 700mb Cast:

N. T. Rama Rao Jr. in a three different roles as
Jai “Raavan” Kumar, a ruthless gangster
Lava Kumar, a bank manager
Kusa Kumar, an expert mugger
Raashi Khanna – Priya(Lava’s girlfriend)
Nivetha Thomas – Simran(Kusa’s girlfriend)
Ronit Roy – Sarkar
Posani Krishna Murali – Jai(Lava and Kusa’s uncle)
Pavitra Lokesh – Jai (Lava and Kusa’s mother)
Sai Kumar – Kaakha (Jai’s sidekick and guardian)
Pradeep Rawat – Yadagiri
Nassar – Dhanunjay Sashtri
Abhimanyu Singh – Rudhra
Harish Uthaman – Jai’s henchman and Simran’s brother
Hamsa Nandini – V. A. Rajini(Lava’s co-employee in Needs Bank)
Nanditha Raj – Sravani
Priyadarshi Pullikonda – Obulesh ‘Obu’
Shiju – Priya’s father
Praveen – Kusa’s friend
Jaya Prakash Reddy – Sravani’s father
Brahmaji as Rambabu(bank assistant manager)
Prabhas Sreenu – Bank Recovery Officer
Chalapathi Rao – Obulesh’s father
Shatru – Jai’s henchmen
Rakesh Varre – Deva(Sarkar’s son)

Jai Lava Kusa 2017 Telugu Full Movie Download Free 700mb Trailer:

Jai Lava Kusa 2017 Telugu Full Movie Download Free 700mb story:

Identical triplets Jai, Lava, and Kusa have been cared for by their own maternal uncle. Jai, who’s fond because of his brothers, constantly gets defeated by his maternal uncle, who also reveals partiality to just Lava and Kusa because of Jai’s battarism. They have distinct personalities and search a humble life by period play performances.

The maternal uncle allowed just Lava and Kusa to behave in play performance, although Jai isn’t permitted because of his stammering handicap, though Jai has a knack in address delivery and in way of behaving. Lava and Kusa also began sidelining and humiliating Jai. Though, Lava and Kusa strove to watch Jai on their mum’s departure, since the individual who adored Jai a great deal at the time is Jai’s mother. An instigated plus a humiliated Jai after sets the play stage on fire and flees.

After 20 decades, all three brothers have turned into adults. They’ve separated, they’re scattered and search their lives in various places. Kusa, a professional mugger using a happy-go-lucky mindset who does anything with cash, mugs a massive sum of cash to fly into the United States, but the strategy finally backfires since the money becomes useless as a result of demonetization.

He appears to meet his twin brother Lava, a bank supervisor who adheres to his own fundamentals and conducts a moral life. Lava is an illustration of over goodness and has entangled in several troubles with his life for this, together with all the fear of losing his job, he provides a loan for property to construct a lake but the purchaser cheats Lava since the purchaser really used the loan to construct a beer store.

Along with his love, Priya, his union agent whom he’d fallen in love , when his marriage was mended and he understood about his love towards her if she didn’t speak, meet or watch him. Kusa hatches a plan to visit the lender and impersonate Lava, whilst Lava attempts to create Priya, whose union was mended, fall due to him. He states that she also loves him but doesn’t accept due to her loved ones, and she said that she doesn’t love him only states to go. Priya soon accepts his love. But, Kusa cheats Lava and runs off with all the cash.

Priya disappears, along with her father documents a kidnap situation on Lava since her husband claims she watched Lava kidnap Priya and run off. Priya’s dad husband, and a police officer arrive in Lava’s home.

Lava declares he didn’t kidnap Priya. Then he receives a call from a colleague, V. A. Rajini, in his own bank. She states there is footage of him stealing cash in the bank’s locker space. Lava, realizing that Kusa had cheated himasks that the police officer to locate Kusa. Kusa is already seized by law enforcement officer and also is tied up interior of a truck, in which Lava along with the police officer proceed.

Lava faces Kusa and asks him concerning the whereabouts of Priya. Kusa states he didn’t kidnap Priya but didn’t take the cash. Lava and Kusa venture which if the two of them are living, Jai are also. The police officer shows his own identity since Kaakha, who’s Jai’s mentor, also states that Jai’s title isn’t Jai however Ravan. He pretends to detain them so he can deliver Lava and Kusa into Ravan (Jai) to kill them.

Kaakha narrates the story about Jai following the fire injury. He states that Ravan (Jai) really started the fire on goal and then fled into a dangerous city where Kaakha fulfilled Jai and raised him as his own under the title Ravan. Ravan, a dreadful, strong and ruthless gangster in little village of Odisha. Ravan (Jai) was hoping to acquire a seat in politics, but his temper made him an enemy to the general public.

He’s brought him to his home to utilize Lava along with his kindness to woo the people into voting for Ravan (Jai). The Kaakha also informs that Ravan discovered the flaws of the two Lava and Kusa and stole Priya along with the cash, respectively. After understanding the facts about Ravan (Jai), Lava and Kusa are accepted to Ravan (Jai)’s home. Ravan (Jai) reveals Lava and Kusa Priya along with also the cash, respectively. Ravan (Jai) informs Lava his character and Kusa he must woo Simran, a girl that attempted to kill Ravan.

Ravan (Jai) also says they must change their outfits such as him and follow his mentor Kaakha. An empathetic Lava realises his error in his youth, attempts to alter Ravan as Jai, with the assistance of Priya, while Kusa attempts to escape out of Ravan. Meanwhile, the Lava succeeds by obtaining the love of the people whilst portraying Ravan (Jai). Kusa matches Simran, who’s hoping to take revenge Ravan because of her brother’s death, who was able to make use of Ravan (Jai) but ended up getting killed by Ravan’s enemies.

Kusa creates a bargain with Simran she must behave like Ravan’s lover to ensure Kusa could get his cash back and Simran can take her revenge Ravan (Jai). Kusa tells the facts to Lava and Priya about his bargain with Simran. Ravan (Jai) overhears the strategy and angrily attempts to kill Lava and Kusa. Lava Requires Ravan (Jai) to depart Kusa. Just thenhe receives a telephone where he is advised he is the frontrunner for winning the election. Lava and Kusa hatch a plan to bring back their brother together with them.

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They do a drama in which psychological breakdowns happen in attempting to convince Ravan (Jai) to be their brother. Ravan (Jai), overcome with emotion out. Afterward, it’s understood that Ravan is covertly attempting to kill his brothers. The following day, Lava and Kusa push a vehicle which has a bomb attached to it. As soon as they depart, Ravan (Jai) shows his plan to kill Lava and Kusa.

The uncle begs Ravan (Jai) to rescue Lava and Kusa, but Ravan (Jai) doesn’t listen. Subsequently, the uncle inquires Kaakha to inform Ravan (Jai) not to kill Lava and Kusa. Kaakha comes to understand he told Kusa that, believing he had been Ravan (Jai). Kusa informs the strategy to Lava while they’re still driving, and they know Ravan (Jai) and opt to die.

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Sarkar, who’s trying to take revenge Ravan (Jai) because of his triumph at the election, stops the vehicle. Sarkar believes there are just twins and states that whoever shows their individuality as Ravan (Jai) will be murdered and another will probably be spared. The two Lava and Kusa feign to be Ravan (Jai), also in frustration, Sarkar shoots Lava. Since Kusa is crying Lava’s name after he’s shot, Sarkar believes that Kusa is really Ravan in case the individual he only shot is Lava. A struggle ensues to attempt to kill them.

Raavan arrives, saving both Lava and Kusa. Nonetheless, in the ensuing fight he’s seriously injured, however is effective in murdering Sarkar. Jai communicates his affection to his brothers before succumbing to his injuries.

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