Irudhi Suttru Full Movie Download

Irudhi Suttru full movie download

In this post, we will talk about irudhi suttru full movie download in detail. irudhi suttru full movie directed by Sudha Kongara. irudhi suttru full movie running time 109 minutes. irudhi suttru full movie in tamil and hindi language.

Irudhi Suttru Full Movie download Cast:

Madhavan – Prabhu Selvaraj
Ritika Singh – Ezhil Madhi
Mumtaz Sorcar – Luxmi
Nassar – “Punch” Pandian
Radha Ravi – Muralikrishnan
M. K. Raina – Rakesh
Zakir Hussain – Dev Khatri
Kaali Venkat – Saamikannu
Baljinder Kaur – Damayanthi
Venkatesan Devarajan – Referee
Sanchana Natarajan – Boxing Student
Bipin – Innocent
Ravindra Vijay

Irudhi Suttru Full Movie download Trailer:

Irudhi Suttru Full Movie Download Story:

Prabhu Selvaraj/Aditya Tomar is a gifted yet failed fighter that, despite being really talented in boxing, falls prey to the dirty politics at the boxing institution, also loses his opportunity to visit’96 the Olympics.

15 years later, he’s a government trainer for the federal women’s boxing coaching academy but is obviously tremendously angry with all the lethargic attitude of fighters and frustrated with all the partiality in choice. As a result of his continuous rift with the institution head Dev Khatri, he’s falsely charged with sexual harassment in Delhi and has moved to Chennai to spot and create new girls boxers.

Despite the very poor infrastructure, Prabhu/Adi succeeds to come across a natural gift in a roadside fish vendor called Ezhil Madhi, who he sees while she’s thrashing the judges throughout her sister’s tournament.

Ignoring Madhi’s senior sister Lakshmi that has been boxing for eight years to acquire a sports quota government occupation, Prabhu/Adi provides to cover and train Madhi to get a couple of hours daily. Alas, both don’t get along because of Prabhu’s/Adi’s ruthless training procedures and Madhi’s competitive character. Consequently, Madhi intentionally loses a local game.

Prabhu/Adi afterward asks Lakshmi and Madhi’s parents, Saamikannu and Damayanthi, to send them to remain in a hostel with him to ensure their brothers may work hard on instruction. Madhi misunderstands him later regrets it when she finds out that Prabhu has offered his beloved bike to purchase new training gear for her.

Madhi then begins training with Prabhu/Adi and develops feelings for him. On the afternoon of a qualifying game, she shows her feelings to Prabhu/Adi, but he immediately rejects her. Throughout the warm-up prior to the game, a currently covetous Lakshmi injures Madhi’s hand, inducing Madhi to eliminate the opportunity into the Olympics. Angry, Prabhu/Adi believes that Madhi lost blatantly again and throws her from training camp.

Dev takes good advantage of this situation by phoning Madhi to Delhi to get a cultural foreign championship and makes her struggle with a heavyweight Russian fighter, who rips out Madhi at 30 minutes. A demotivated Madhi is approached by Dev with an indecent suggestion, where she responds by beating him. Dev takes revenge by putting her detained on false theft fees.

Prabhu comes to the rescue and bails out her. He takes Madhi into Delhi to receive her a wild-card entry to the World Boxing Championship, to be held in Goa two months afterward. Lots of men and women in the institution, such as Lakshmi, accuse Madhi of providing sexual favors to Prabhu/Adi. Ignoring all of the accusations, Madhi works difficult, enters the championship representing India, and proceeds to win the semifinal.

1 hour before finals, Dev fails to signal Madhi’s fighter entrance to the game and also blackmails Prabhu/Adi to resign immediately if he wishes to watch Madhi at the closing, with the exact same Russian fighter who knocked out her in Delhi. Prabhu/Adi resigns from his government job, also Madhi has to struggle in the last round. She’s dejected after studying Prabhu’s/Adi’s resignation.

She keeps losing things in the first rounds and has seriously hurt before Prabhu/Adi shows up in the scene and signifies her to strike her opponent’s arms to make her feeble as Genghis Khan did to his enemies. Madhi follows the game program and knocks from the competition with seconds to go in the last round. Dev quickly jumps to the ring to take the credit for coaching Madhi, but she deeply admires him runs to Prabhu/Adi. Madhi and Prabhu/Adi hug each other, demonstrating their psychological selves.

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