Iru Mugan Tamil Movie Download

Iru Mugan Tamil Movie Download

In this post we will talk about iru mugan tamil movie download in detail. Iru Mugan Tamil Movie Directed by anand shankar. Iru Mugan Tamil Movie box office collection is around ₹40 crore. Iru Mugan tamil movie running time is 154 minutes.

Iru mugan tamil movie download Cast:

Vikram in dual roles – Akhilan Vinod(a suspended RAW agent, and Love, a wanted criminal scientist)
Nayantara – Meera Vinod (Rosy), a leading computer analyst at RAW and Akhilan’s wife
Nithya Menon – Aayushi, a junior RAW agent
Nassar – Malik, the RAW chief who assigns Akhilan as deputy to Aayushi
Thambi Ramaiah – Muthaiah, a Malaysian police officer
Karunakaran – Peter, a scientist who is on Love’s payroll
Riythvika – Kidnapped Girl
Jasper – Billy Murali
Karthik Nagarajan – Balaji
Balaji Venugopal

Iru mugan tamil movie download Trailer:

iru mugan tamil movie download story:

An older Malaysian guy goes berserk and kills many Indian officers at a period of five minutes in the Indian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, before falling. A tattoo of a love symbol is present in the back of his throat, leading Research and Analysis Wing whose identity and whereabouts are unknown to anybody except Akhilan Vinod, a suspended RAW representative whose wife Meera George, a top computer analyst in RAW, was murdered by Appreciate four decades back. RAW main Malik paths down Akhilan and persuading him to join with the analysis.

On seeing the video footage of the assault, Akhilan arrives to the conclusion that the older Malaysian guy had shot a mysterious performance-enhancing medication which enabled him to assault the Indian officials and decides to research the matter further in Malaysia. Since Akhilan is under suspension, Malik assigns him as a deputy to some junior RAW representative called Aayushi, who’s officially assigned to deal with the situation, and the both of them depart for Kuala Lumpur.

At Kuala Lumpur, Akhilan and Aayushi understand the mysterious medication is inhaled with an asthma inhaler. Further investigations lead them to Peter, a scientist who’s on Love’s payroll. Peter becomes more informer and informs them about the medication, which is known as”Rate”.

The medication causes a man who inhales it to possess extraordinary power for five minutes before falling unconscious, and in the event the individual inhales the medication again in a couple of hours, they will undergo a huge heart attack. Peter also shows that a shipment of’Rate’ inhalers will be discharged to Enjoy within another 15 minutes. Akhilan and Aayushi chase the lorry carrying the inhalers, but a lorry driver inhales Speed and subdues the duo, who are subsequently taken to Love’s hideout.

Since Akhilan proceeds to detain Love who turns out to be offender he’s pumped out by Meera, who’s surprisingly living and has been operating for Love as a computer programmer and now goes by the title of Rosy. It’s then shown that Meera suffers from retrograde amnesia after being shot in the head four decades back and Love took advantage of her position to use her as a computer programmer.

She has no mind of her own, after whatever Love states. But when dismissed orders her to kill Akhilan and Aayushi, she points the gun Love and calls the police, who detain Love. Meera shows that she was made to take’Speed’ by Love to work quicker, but the medication caused her older memories, including people who have Akhilan, to reunite, and she soon recovered her entire memory after constant use of this medication.

Enjoy manages to acquire a’Speed’ inhaler while in custody and inhales it, helping her escape and ruin the whole police station, killing everybody present such as Aayushi. Aayushi needed a watch camera and recorded the entire incident. Akhilan finds out that Love had left a satellite telephone to Chang, the Transport Minister of Malaysia who’d enabled Love to ship shipments of’Speed’ inhalers into India to perpetrate terror attacks there in return for cash. He rushes into the hospital at which Chang is confessed and interrogates him.

Throughout the interrogation, Love sneaks to the hospital and concealing at the air conditioning vent, sprays a neurotoxic petrol in Chang’s area, inducing Akhilan and Chang for paralysed. She subsequently kills Chang and sets the knife Akhilan’s hand, framing him Chang’s assassin. Currently a wanted criminal, Akhilan, despite being paralysed, somehow manages to escape in the hospital along with the Malaysian authorities.

Akhilan and Meera opt to finish off Appreciate after using her kill switch activation apparatus, which was revived and concealed by Aayushi until she was murdered. However, since the device could only be opened using Love’s mic, they plan on getting her fingerprint.

They slip to a illegal airfield owned by Chang, where Love will depart for India with all the shipments of Rate inhalers. Akhilan inhales fights and Speed Love, who’s inhaled Speed, also manages to receive her fingerprint before falling following the medication’s effect wears off. On regaining consciousness, he finds out that Love has left for India. It’s revealed that Akhilan used silica gel for Love’s fingerprints.

Then he utilizes the fingerprints to start the kill button activation apparatus, deactivates Meera’s kill button and kills all Love’s henchmen, such as those piloting the airplane. The airplane crashes into a distant jungle, killing Love, destroying the Speed shipper, and preventing a significant terrorist attack.

One month after, Akhilan and Meera are observed enjoying a vacation getaway sponsored by the Government of Malaysia as a reward for murdering Love. After discussing their future programs about getting babies, Akhilan shows he has maintained a Speed inhaler and inhales it.

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