Haseen Dillruba Full Movie Download Filmywap

Haseen Dillruba full movie download filmywap

In this post, we will talk about haseen dillruba full movie download filmywap in detail. haseen dillruba full movie directed by vinil mathew. haseen dillruba full movie running time is 136 minutes.

Haseen Dillruba Full movie download filmywap Cast:

Taapsee Pannu – Rani Kashyap
Vikrant Massey – Rishabh Saxena(Rishu)
Harshvardhan Rane – Neel Tripathi
Aditya Srivastava – Inspector Kishore Rawat
Ashish Verma – Afzar
Yamini Das – Lata
Daya Shankar Pandey – Brijraj Saxena
Alka Kaushal – Mrs. Kashyap
Amit Singh Thakur – Mr. Kashyap
Puja Sarup – Beena Masi
Atul Tiwari – Senior Inspector
Deepesh Jagdish – Navrangi
Aashiq Hussein – Rastogi
Alok Chatterjee – Gandhi
Preeti Singh – Bindiya
Shyaam Kishore – Misra

Haseen Dillruba Full movie download filmywap Trailer:

Haseen Dillruba Full movie download filmywap Story:

In the initial Scene, Rani Kashyap who is a housewife is before her home taking care of the canines with lamb when abruptly the house is detonated killing her better half who’s found with a disintegrated hand with a tattoo of his significant other’s name yet nothing else. Police speculates Rani and handles the case to Kishore Rawat.

Flashback Reveals that Rishabh Saxena, otherwise known as Rishu, lives in Jwalapur alongside his mom Lata and father Brijraj. He is searching for a young lady for marriage, and his inquiry drives him to Rani Kashyap in Delhi. Rishu succumbs to Rani quickly. Lata understands that Rani isn’t the basic and unattractive young lady that he is searching for.

Nonetheless, Rishu is determined. The marriage happens. An anxious Rishu neglects to perfect the marriage. Lata, in the interim, begins rebuking Rani for lying that she can cook. At some point, Rishu catches Rani addressing her mom and her aunt that Rishu isn’t acceptable in bed. Rishu is harmed and withdraws into a shell.

Rani gets desolate. At some point, Rishu’s cousin Neel Tripathi comes to remain with the Saxena’s. Neel is running and very much assembled, and Rani gets enchanted by him. Neel understands that Rani is drawn to him, and both start a toss by sharing a hot enthusiastic kiss. Rani falls head over heels for Neel to the degree that she starts to master cooking to take care of him his #1 dishes.

haseen dillruba full movie download mp4moviez

At some point, Neel communicates the longing to have lamb. Rani, who is a veggie lover, concurs and goes out to purchase meat. That very day, she discloses to Neel that she might want to end the marriage and move in. A responsibility phobic Neel frenzies and flees. Rani is harmed, and she shouts reality to Rishu. Rishu needed to have a new beginning, yet this admission harms him significantly more.

A couple of months after the fact, a blast happens in the Saxena home, killing Rishu. Kishore Rawat, the examining official, is certain that Rani had killed Rishu as he suspected she helped plan the wrongdoing when unplanned film came out that Neel was getting away not long before the blast occurred by swimming in a stream behind the house.

A couple of months sooner, when Rani shouts reality to Rishu, his malevolent side comes out, and he had arranged various endeavors to hurt Rani. Nonetheless, things are coming out leisurely into the positive side when Rani apologizes for her slip-up when she attempted to endeavor self destruction.

On one day, Neel visits Rishu’s home when Rishu was not home, and he unexpectedly returned sooner than anticipated by Rani. Rishu requested that Rani head outside and revealed to them that he could figure out things with Neel.

At the point when Rani returned from the market and taking care of the canines with sheep, a blast happens, and she sobbed for Rishu. Kishore Rawat neglected to blame Rani for being the killer when she cleared the Polygraph despite the fact that they realized she attempted to trick them with a nail in her shoe to make circulatory strain ascend for important inquiries demonstrating guiltlessness, not blameworthy in the examination, and she leaves the police headquarters joyfully.

It is uncovered that when Neel had gone to their home that day, he gets in a battle with Rani and takes steps to release her private recordings in his WhatsApp gatherings. Rankled by this, Rishu assaults him, and in the following battle, Rani hits Neel’s head with a major piece of lamb to save her significant other and inadvertently kills him.

Rishu, not needing her to go to prison for this, cuts off his hand and places it there to make it resemble his body and flees from the back exit in Neel’s garments. Rani goes to the market and gets the homicide weapon hacked into pieces which she later took care of to the road canines.

Following 5 years overseer comprehends everything about the arrangement and how Neel kicked the bucket and he lauds the couple’s adoration yet he imagined that the spouse is additionally dead since he read that book in which that saint bites the dust in the stream and the case is now shut yet the couple getting away from the wrongdoing rejoin, their affection now more indispensable than any time in recent memory.

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