Fanaa Full Movie Download

fanaa full movie download

In this post, we will talk about fanaa full movie download in details. fanaa full movie directed by kunal kohli. fanaa full movie is romantic and thriller movies. fanaa full movie budget is around ₹22 crore and box office collection around ₹105 crore.

fanaa full movie download Cast:

Aamir Khan – Rehan Khan Qadri Sr
Kajol Devgan – Zooni Qadri
Rishi Kapoor – Zulfikar Ali Beg(Zooni’s father)
Kirron Kher – Nafisa Ali Beg(Zooni’s mother)
Tabu – Malini Tyagi (Anti Terrorist Special Force)
Sharat Saxena – Susheel Rawat (Anti Terrorist Special Force)
Lilette Dubey – Helen
Shruti Seth – Fatimah (Fatty)
Sanaya Irani – Mehbooba (Bobo)
Gautami Kapoor – Rubina(Ruby)
Ali Haji – Rehan Qadri Jr(Rehan & Zooni’s son)
Ahmed Khan – Nana Jaan (Rehan’s Grandfather)
Satish Shah – Colonel Maan Singh
Puneet Vasishtha – Captain Ijaz Khan
Jaspal Bhatti – Jolly Singh
Vrajesh Hirjee – Balwant (Tourist Guide)
Suresh Menon – Venkateshwar Atti Cooper Rao
Shishir Sharma – Defence Minister
Salim Shah – Defence Secretary
Deepak Saraf – Chief Minister
Shiney Ahuja – Major Suraj Ahuja (Special Appearance)

fanaa full movie Trailer:

fanaa full movie download xfilmywap story:

Zooni Ali Beg (Kajol) is a blind Kashmiri girl who travels for the first time together with her pals, Fatimah (Shruti Seth), Mehbooba (Sanaya Irani) and Rubina (Gautami Kapoor), and also their dance instructor Helen (Lillete Dubey) into New Delhi to play at a service for Republic Day.

On her trip, she meets Rehaan Khan (Aamir Khan), a tour guide who flirts with her. Though her friends warn Zooni about himshe falls in love. On her last night in Delhi, Rehaan and Zooni spend the night together and wind up in bed. Since Zooni is departing the following day, Rehaan comes and takes her away . Her parents arrive at Delhi to organize their union. Zooni includes a process done which helps her view , but if she comes from operation, she finds out that Rehaan was murdered in a bomb blast in town.

Malini Tyagi (Tabu) is a particular intelligence agent made to evaluate the threat of the bomb burst, and also the group accountable, an independent company fighting for an independent Kashmir called IKF. It’s shown that Rehaan is the guy who put the bomb burst in movement, then faked his death to ensure Zooni would not come searching for him. He admits he enjoys Zooni, but also concedes he can never see her because of his dangerous life.

Seven decades after, Rehaan is on a different assignment for the IKF. IKF has obtained a nuclear weapon needs to contact the cause, which can be from the army’s possession. Rehaan steals it, but Tyagi has figured out his own strategy and sends forces to prevent him. In the ensuing shootout, Rehaan is hurt. He makes his way into a distant home for assistance. It ends up to be Zooni’s home. Zooni was pregnant following Rehaan’s supposed death, and it has given birth to and raised and Rehaan’s son (also called”Rehaan” from Zooni).

Zooni’s mum had passed away a couple of decades before Rehaan Qadri’s return. Zooni and her daddy save Rehaan, though neither comprehend him as Zooni’s older lover. Though originally remote from them, Rehaan develops an affection for his son and the household.

Rehaan finally reveals his true identity to them, maintaining the data of his offenses behind. Originally hurt, Zooni will not allow Rehaan leave her , and the both of them get married from the arrangement of her daddy. Tyagi includes a report printed about Rehaan, cautioning the people he is a terrorist. Zooni’s dad sees this record and faces Rehaan about discovering the cause in his pocket. Rehaan inadvertently yells Zooni’s daddy off a ledge, killing him. He radios the IKF in the army officer’s home but kills the officer once he finds Rehaan.

Zooni finds her dad’s body, also Rehaan is determined by his passing. But, Zooni afterwards sees the information file, and finds that the cause. She chooses her son and flees into the officer’s home, where she begs for assistance. Tyagi informs her to cease Rehaan. Rehaan arrives the following day, also takes the trigger out of Zooni, stating the IKF will kill her and their child when he does not.

Since Rehaan is all about to provide the cause to the pioneer of IKF, Rehaan’s grandfather, Zooni shoots him in the leg. Rehaan pulls his gun , however, can not bring himself to take. Zooni shoots again, this time, to prevent him. At the back of time, Tyagi arrives and prevents the IKF from shooting Zooni. Rehaan expires in Zooni’s arms.

Zooni along with her son afterward go to the graves of her daddy and Rehaan, that are buried alongside each other. When her son asks when his dad was incorrect, Zooni informs him that his dad did what he believed was suitable.

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