Dia Movie Download Isaimini

Dia Movie download isaimini

In this post, we will talk about dia movie download isaimini in detail. dia movie directed by K.S Ashoka. dia movie running time is 136 minutes.

Dia movie download isaimini Cast:

Kushee Ravi – Dia
Pruthvi Ambaar – Adi
Dheekshith Shetty – Rohit
Pavithra Lokesh – Lakki(Adi’s Mother)
Arvind Rao – Dia’s Father
Rajesh Rao – Dia’s Father’s Friend
Jyothi Rai – Rohit’s Sister
Chandan Ravandur N – Passenger in a train
Gokul Chakravarthy – Auto driver
Rakesh Srinivas – Auto driver
Darshan Apoorva – Rohit’s friend
Rudwin – Rohit’s friend

Dia movie download isaimini Trailer:

Dia movie download isaimini story:

Dia Swaroop, a biotechnology pupil is an introverted woman residing in Bengaluru. She develops a crush on her older Rohit, but because of her introversion neglects to express her feelings until Rohit moves from the nation. Dismayed, she moves about her regular life. Following three decades, Dia experiences Rohit again in Mumbai where she’s moved and is functioning.

Not able to conquer her introversion again she neglects to speak to him. But, Rohit talks with her, and they gradually create a bond. Rohit shows that she had been his crush and suggests his love for her. She admits and takes him. One night as they were coming out of a film, they’re met with a crash.

Since Dia wakes up at the hospital and asks to get Rohit, she is told by her uncle who Rohit passed off. Not able to take Rohit’s passing, Dia proceeds into acute depression and decides to kill himself in the railroad crossings. As she stands awaiting the oncoming train she is interrupted by a phone call from a fantastic samaritan, Adi, who’d recovered Dia’s purse from a burglar, which she was not even conscious of.

Miffed at the disturbance she tells him to maintain it and never to call her. Coincidentally Adi and Dia keep bumping into each other and Dia shows her past. Together with his happy-go-lucky character and charisma Adi manages to attract Dia from her insanity and develops a friendship with her. Soon they realize just how much they enjoy being with one another and acknowledge their love.

Dia returns happily to Mumbai, where she is shocked to find Rohit awaiting her. It’s shown that Rohit was declared brain dead without certainty of him returning consequently her daddy lied to Dia so she will proceed. Miserable, she predicts Adi and informs him. Adi, though heartbroken, informs Dia to live happily with Rohit. Adi has to know of Dia’s reception and goes to watch her for one final time regardless of his mommy forbidding him. He satisfies with a disheartened Dia and joyful Rohit and wants them well and yields home.

There he discovers that his mom died because of massive cardiac arrest and that she might have been spared if someone had been about her. Meanwhile, Dia admits everything to Rohit, and desperate Rohit informs her to return to Adi to ensure she is going to be happy. Elated,” Dia belongs to Adi’s house and finds him missing. She hunts for him anywhere until an automobile driver shows that Adi has gone to the exact same place she moved to perpetrate suicide.

Adi, feeling huge guilt over his mother’s passing and feeling not able to live with no mommy and Dia, has chosen to commit suicide in the railroad crossings. He prays to God one final time for the joy of Dia and waits for the train. Dia frantically reaches him time and calls him out. Adi turns out to her amazed and awestruck he forgets to proceed and gets hit by the railway because a startled Dia watches.

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