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Hosting WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful tools used in starting a website or web business, however, depending on your needs and desired results you may require different ways to host your website. Therefore I have created this list of hosting packages that are proven to deliver high-quality performance while helping keep costs low.

PHP Hosting

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and it is where many websites live for their backend server-side programming, there are 3 different types.

1. Vista Server
2. Lite Server
3. Cloud


There are tons of PHP hosting platforms but I would recommend WP SuperMage as they offer all of the features that you will want as well as some great options. Their developers really pay attention and they have over 6 years of experience with WordPress development and they also offer 24/7 access to experts like themselves making them a good choice if you wish to work with WordPress.

The main thing about WP, they support every plugin used on their platform so they will be able to create custom themes and plugins and then support those plugins in the future and make updates in real-time.

If you have chosen a non-WordPress hosting package to start your blog, I have covered WordPress hosting in detail here because you may not know what features you will need from your other websites which have made me write this article.

I have created an extensive article on how to choose the best hosting package for blogging here and if you would like more information on working with WordPress on your own website, you can read the following articles from my blog too.


If you are looking for web hosting services for your WordPress sites you can consider different packages. Some are better than others but it’s good to know you are choosing the right provider for your website, you will get access to multiple plans so choose wisely. I personally had very few problems with WordPress when using VPS hosting, however, I prefer PleskHost since they provide Linux/Windows-based servers to ensure compatibility with new versions of WordPress software.

As for WordPress Host, you will see different models available in WordPress Hosting, each offering a number of features that will enable you to achieve your goals and if you use WordPress with a strong domain name you will have a website hosted and maintained by a third party developer who is in charge of maintaining your site. Overall, a lot of people use WordPress while having success with their websites. With all the benefits that WordPress brings out, it can be hard to understand why a client would opt to go down the route of purchasing hosting. However, if you are after solid performance, reliability and scalability hosting is definitely worth considering by all means.

Although not everyone wants to work with someone else on WordPress installation, I still believe that you should always try talking to developers and asking for advice as well as testing the service you have chosen by yourself. If you choose WordPress hosting, you should always keep track of the various changes and updates which come with WordPress.

There are thousands of hosting packages to choose from so try and find a plan which meets your requirements well and have no stress. It is essential to stay up to date which is why we talk about 24×7 customer support and regular security updates and it is important for you to check the WordPress support page for answers to your queries of which you never thought you would.

Thanks for reading my blog post, I hope that you now have a better understanding of some of the WordPress Hosting in-depth, I strongly believe that WordPress Hosting has become increasingly easy over the last decade and today is just as inexpensive as it was twenty years ago, I can guarantee that hosting does not cost much to start using, however, I would like to add that it is possible to make mistakes by not knowing where to begin when it comes to starting your website. So in addition, this article has given you a clear picture to help you decide how to use a WordPress Hosting package, but you should always go for an expert opinion to ensure that you are choosing the right plan for your WordPress site

To finish off my quick recap of WordPress Hosting it seems that they have been around longer than anyone could ever ask for, but WordPress Hosting is simple to install and manage as WordPress provides plenty of resources already that you don’t need to do any extra work.

These resources include templates, security updates and lots of plugins and themes to change your site quickly, however, these things can easily distract users from learning and managing their WordPress platform, which are a major focus when selecting WordPress Hosting. Overall, WordPress Hosting is not easy to understand, but they are easy to configure and you can customize the configuration by adding subdomains and domains with a range of themes and plugins such as WooCommerce, Magento, etc. I believe that you should aim to work with experienced professionals who have a vast knowledge of WordPress and who have worked for over 6 years with WordPress.

WordPress Hosting has helped millions of people build their online businesses and with hundreds of free templates and plugins that they may be unaware of you might wonder what they are? Well here is a list of the main reasons as to why WordPress Hosting is considered “one of the top online business web hosts”. They have everything needed to set up a new website including free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel, Google Drive, JetPack, Google Analytics, Google Cloud Platform, Webmaster, Content management systems (CMS) and WordPress. Plus many free themes and plugins for SEO, eCommerce, social media & even email marketing. Not only do WordPress hosting packages allow you to save tons of money, they also give you complete flexibility and control the way your website runs. All this freebie stuff doesn’t mean the hosting is completely free when you compare it to something like DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean is very expensive, but in comparison to WordPress hosting, there are fewer restrictions and more features and templates. When using WordPress Hosting you can have multiple domains connected to your WordPress site, however, you won’t have your admin panel view of the WordPress site and instead your WordPress user interface from WordPress Hosting will show up on the dashboard to provide access to WordPress hosting.

Another reason for choosing WordPress Hosting is its cost. There are several pricing plans with WordPress Hosting, but my personal favorite is the Business Package. This is the lowest price that you will ever pay for hosting and this is probably the best value for beginners that they have.

Once they are ready, you can upgrade to more premium plans which will usually cost a small fortune and these usually only come with additional features which are usually added later on in the year. On average you can spend on average between $2-$20 a month to start up a professional website. In conclusion, without doubts the best hosting package for WordPress is WordPress Hosting.

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