Baaghi 2 full movie download 2018 720p

Baaghi 2 full movie download 2018 720p

In this post, we will talk about Baaghi 2 full movie download 2018 720p in detail. Baaghi 2 full movie directed by ahmed khan. Baaghi 2 full movie running time is 144 minutes. Baaghi 2 full movie budget is around ₹59 crore and box office collection is estimated ₹180 crore.

Baaghi 2 full movie download 2018 720p cast:

Tiger Shroff – Captain Ranveer
Disha Patani – Neha Salgaonkar
Manoj Bajpayee – DIG Ajay Shergill
Randeep Hooda – ACP Loha
Darshan Kumar – Shekhar Salgaonkar
Deepak Dobriyal – Usman Langda
Prateik Babbar – Sunny Salgaonkar
Arravya Sharma – Rhea Salgaonkar
Shaurya Bhardwaj – Colonel Ranjit Singh Walia
Vipin Sharma – Mahendra Kumar Rawat(Neha’s father)
Sunit Morarjee – Inspector Sharad Kute
Pushy Anand – Rhea’s school principal
Indraneel Bhattacharya – Anand Tyagi
Ashwin Kaushal – the bungalow owner
Jacqueline Fernandez – Mohini

Baaghi 2 full movie download 2018 720p Trailer:

Baaghi 2 full movie download 2018 720p Story:

Neha is a married woman that has a kid named Rhea, whom she loves dearly. On Rhea’s first day of college, Neha is assaulted by masked men. Neha documents a complaint to the authorities, stating that the guys took Rhea away. The authorities conduct an evaluation but find nothing.

Helpless Neha asks her former boyfriend Ranveer”Ronnie” Pratap Singh, an Indian military Para SF soldier, to get assistance.

Ronnie recalls his school life: he had been Neha’s collegemate. After a few events, Neha also falls in love with Ronnie. Her dad, Mahendra, who has cancer, asks Neha to wed Shekhar, a wealthy businessman, before perishing. Neha, who would like to meet Mahendra’s last desire, tearfully divides with Ronnie.

Back at today’s Ronnie matches a terrified Neha and agrees to assist her. They visit the police station at which the F.I.R. author, Inspector Sharad Kute, misbehaves towards Neha. Ronnie defeats Kute along with another policeman in retaliation, an activity that has him arrested.

However, he’s soon released on D.I.G. Ajay Shergill’s petition, shown for a batchmate of Ronnie’s commanding officer, Colonel Ranjit Walia. He’s summoned back into Col. Walia’s military, but changes his mind midway whilst traveling with a neighborhood physically handicapped agent, Usman Langda, whose assistance he’s hunted, and extends to Rhea’s college.

The main denies any kidnapping episode around the college premises. Ronnie matches Shekhar’s brother Sunny who’s a drug addict. Ronnie follows Sunny into construction where he finds out that Usman is engaged with drug peddling, struggles with two individuals, and defeats them.

He inquires Usman around Rhea, however, the latter does not appear to understand anything. Meanwhile, a new police commissioner, Loha Singh” L.S.D.” Dull is assigned to the instance.

Ronnie publishes a photo of Rhea in a paper promising to provide a reward to anybody who can locate her. Shekhar calls Ronnie and informs Neha was diagnosed with Post-traumatic anxiety disorder and started to hallucinate with a girl called Rhea, while also adding he does not have a girl.

Ronnie assesses the CCTV footage and finds out nobody else besides Neha from the car. Ronnie angrily yells at Neha, who asks him to depart. Since he’s just going to depart, he sees height dimensions on the wall suggesting that Rhea may be a true kid and starts to doubt himself, however, it’s a split second too late as Neha jumps from the grill to commits suicide, feeling helpless because nobody believed her.

Usman finally admits to having”seen Rhea” if he visits Ronnie in a resort – he’d called Sunny for medication delivery when he saw Sunny’s guys carrying a blindfolded Rhea into a den. Sunny paid Usman to stay quiet or be killed. They visit a pub where Ronnie struggles with Sunny’s henchman and chases Sunny, but L.S.D. Captures Ronnie, that he’d requested to wait in the resort. The authorities interrogate Sunny, but before Sunny shoots at the officer, Ajay kills Sunny. Ronnie claims he has signs that Rhea is living, and the proof is Usman.

Baaghi 2 full movie download 2018 720p 1.2gb

Ajay takes Ronnie into his property, telling Ronnie he also lost his family in a crash. Two guys come to Usman’s garage and brutally beat him. Ronnie comes to Usman’s garage and sees a bleeding Usman and struggles with the 2 people. Usman expires because of his injuries. Ronnie takes the telephone of one of those attackers, just to find a photograph of himself taken in Ajay’s home, and figures out that Ajay is the mastermind. He belongs to Ajay’s hideout, struggles with many goons in distinct areas of the jungle, also destroys helicopters while bleeding profusely.

He kills a man or woman who participates as Rhea’s dad but is taken by Ajay, who shoots and injures Ronnie. Ajay shows that Shekhar loathed Rhea and compensated Ajay to kidnap Rhea. He burnt all Rhea’s toys and photos. Ajay also adds that he did this for cash. This makes Ronnie mad, and he beats Ajay, requires a gun, and is going to take Ronnie, L.S.D. He shoots Ajay, thus killing him. Ronnie sees a glimpse of Rhea before passing.

Baaghi 2 full movie download 2018 720p 400 mb

A couple of days after, Ronnie wakes up at the hospital. L.S.D. Explains that Shekhar was sterile, which transferred him to carry up this extreme step, suggesting that Rhea isn’t Shekhar’s daughter but Ronnie’s. Ronnie recalls when Neha told him that she must wed Shekhar, Ronnie and Neha ended up making love. The movie ends with Ronnie shooting Rhea into his home and sees a vision of Neha grinning at him. Ronnie smiles back.

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