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In this post, we will talk about anjaam pathira movie download in detail. Anjaam pathira movie directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas. Anjaam pathira movie running time 144 minutes. Anjaam pathira movie box office collection is around ₹60 crore.

Anjaam Pathira Movie download Cast:

Kunchacko Boban – Dr. Anwar Hussain
Sharaf U Dheen – Dr. Benjamin Louis
Sreenath Bhasi – Andrew(a hacker)
Jinu Joseph – ACP Anil Madhavan
Unnimaya Prasad – DCP Catherine Maria IPS
Abhiram Radhakrishnan – SI Pradeep Raman
Harikrishnan – SI Arun Mathew
Divya Gopinath – SI Preethi Pothuval
Remya Nambeesan – Fathima Anwar(Anwar’s wife)
Indrans – Ripper Ravi(a serial killer on death row)
Assim Jamal – DIG Hashim IPS
Jaffar Idukki – Louis, Benjamin’s and Rebecca’s father
Shaju Sreedhar – Paulson(Police constable)
Amina Nijam – Vicky Maria
Sadiq – Dr. Sreekanth
Sudheesh – Sudevan
Boban Samuel – DySP Abraham Koshy
Jaise Jose – CI Sharathchandran

Anjaam Pathira Movie download Trailer:

Anjaam Pathira Movie download Story:

Anwar Hussain is a psychologist who acts as a consulting criminologist at Kochi City Police to the special recommendation of his buddy ACP Anil Madhavan. 1 night, DYSP Abraham Koshi is abducted along with his corpse is abandoned in a gypsum area with heart and eyes eviscerated. The investigation is led by DCP Catherine. The autopsy report reveals zolpidem’s existence within the human body, but no symptoms of coercion.

In a couple of days, another police officer goes missing, his body is located at the backyard of their police station, together with a Lady Justice figurine. Anwar finds out a comparable artifact in the preceding crime scene by the forensic photographs. Autopsy results in exactly the same as preceding.

The channel’s CCTV footage was tampered with, suggesting that the killer can also be a security hacker. Anwar employs Dean Andrew for cyber evaluation. Catherine implements a strategy to lure the killer where two officers must set and patrol the nighttime at 100-meter space. Throughout obligation, Catherine’s motorist Paulson is contested. His scooter’s camera footage reveals a wolf-masked guy and another guy’s voice, suggesting they function as a group.

Paulson’s body has been sent to Anwar’s home in a fridge box. The fingerprint of a cocaine dealer, Shameer, can be now found. They track him into a cabin where they locate his mummified corpse. It was a decoy. Anwar accidentally discovers a touch imprinted on the figurine, which ends up to be that of its sculptor, Sudhakar Devalokam. On questioning, Sudhakar clarifies that he made five of these figurines for 2 guys, who blinded him afterward he delivered it. From this, Anwar deduces there’ll be two more murders.

On the following afternoon, CI Sharathchandran is abducted following a battle at his residence, at which in addition to the figurine, they also find a fidget spinner. His body is lost at a Kochi Metro train with a woman. With that, Catherine is substituted with ACP Prakash Seetharam. Sharathchandran had frequently taken a prescription medication named Tenormin. Anwar theorizes the killers inject hypnotic drug Zolpidem in the sufferer’s body before kidnapping and hypnotize them for carrying away; Tenormin is a counter-drug contrary to Zolpidem, therefore Sharathchandran’s abuse was ineffective, thus the struggle.

Anwar recalls visiting a photograph of an identical spinner from the police file to get a homicidal psychopath and hacker called Simon. While Simon is listed dead through an explosion, Anwar isn’t convinced. Andrew recognizes Simon as the person who cross-dressed as the girl on the train. Anwar reports his findings, however, is advised that Simon and his offense spouse Aravindan’s bodies have been discovered that afternoon with a suicide note confessing to the murders left combined with the previous figurine. Anwar is unconvinced and thinks it is a decoy to halt the investigation.

Anwar is known as Sudhakar following a guy who comes to his workshop to get a sixth figurine. He’s created a facial composite. Anwar identifies him as psychologist Dr. Benjamin Louis. By Benjamin’s foster parent Sudhevan, Anwar learns when Benjamin was a teen, his sister Rebecca was impregnated by a priest called Bennet Franko.

When their dad Louis reported the offense, Anil and Sharathchandran framed him for raping his daughter after having a bribe against Father Bennet. Rebecca was put at a remote convent, along with their dad committed suicide. Afterward, Benjamin went into the United States for higher studies and arrived back.

Anwar deduces the first few murders were arbitrary and the real targets are Sharathchandran and Anil. He goes to frighten Anil but finds just his abandoned car. By a nearby quadcopter, Anwar finds footage of Benjamin’s van, Andrew traces it on a pig farm. Anwar and two officers intercept Benjamin until he could kill Anil. Benjamin rips them down and chokes Anwar, but is stored by Catherine and Benjamin is detained.

On questioning, Benjamin doesn’t disclose his rationale. Anwar deduces the burnt corpse misidentified in prison since Simon’s was really Bennet’s. In transit for introducing him in court, his escort officers kill Benjamin in a fake encounter. At precisely the exact same time, a girl visits Anil in his flat. Anwar goes when she finds and leaves Anil dead. Through the window, Anwar calls out the name Rebecca, to which she turns and looks at him credits started to roll.

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