aa19 Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmywap

aa19 full movie in Hindi dubbed download filmywap

In this post, we will talk about aa19 full movie in hindi dubbed download filmywap in detail. aa19 full movie in hindi dubbed directed by Trivikram Srinivas. aa19 full movie budget is around ₹100 crore and box office collection is around ₹262 crore. aa19 full movie running time is 165 minutes.

aa19 full movie in hindi dubbed download filmywap Cast:

Allu Arjun – Bantu
Pooja Hegde – Amulya
Tabu – Yasoda
Jayaram – Ramachandra
Sushanth – Raj Manohar
Navdeep – HR Shekhar
Nivetha Pethuraj – Nandini
Samuthirakani – Appala Naidu
Murali Sharma – Valmiki
Rajendra Prasad – IG Prajapathi
Sunil – Sitaram
Sachin Khedekar – Arvind Raja Kishore
Harsha Vardhan – Kashiram
Govind Padmasoorya – Paidithalli
Rahul Ramakrishna – K. Ravindra Reddy
Vennela Kishore – Dr. Shrinivas
Ajay – Appala Naidu’s brother-in-law
Tanikella Bharani – Anjaneya Prasad

aa19 full movie in hindi dubbed download filmywap Trailer:

aa19 full movie in hindi dubbed download filmywap Story:

Valmiki and Ramachandra begin their livelihood as clerks in the organization of both Ananth”ARK” Radhakrishna. Ramachandra, who marries ARK’s daughter Yasu, becomes wealthy while Valmiki stays weak. On the afternoon of the arrival of their kids, Ramachandra’s son is apparently lifeless. When nurse Sulochana informs Valmiki relating to this, he pities Ramachandra and Yasu and provides to swap his infant with the deceased one. After changing them, nevertheless, the seemingly dead child starts to cry.

Sulochana attempts to change back them but Valmiki senses a chance that his son could get a better life growing up in a wealthy family. He prevents her from shifting, pushing her unintentionally off a ledge. Sulochana goes into a coma, while Valmiki gets a leg that makes him limp eternally.

The 2 boys grow-up in various ways. Raj, increased at Ramachandra’s home, is shy, innocent, and soft-spoken, while Bantu, who’s increased at Valmiki’s home, is intelligent, outspoken, and hard-working. Valmiki, who favours Raj, treats the Bantu using disgust owing to his true parentage.

Following his MBA was refused by Valmiki, Bantu heads to interview for a job in a travel firm led by Amulya, a self appointed businesswoman. Following a scuffle and mistake with the organization’s HR manager Shekhar, Bantu lands a project. Finally, Bantu develops feelings for Amulya.

Bantu, Amulya, Shekhar, and Ravindra visit Paris to get a business trip, and soon after the excursion, Bantu and Amulya fall in love with One Another. Meanwhile, Raj yields from overseas, quitting his MBA. Ramachandra sends Raj to deny Paidithalli, the son of a wealthy guy who gives to purchase 50 percent of the firm’s shares.

Ramachandra watches the bargain from the resort where Amulya and Bantu have a meeting with Sudharshanam, who would like to purchase Amulya’s travel bureau. Ramachandra is frustrated with Raj’s hesitance and inability to say no to Paidithalli but is proud of Bantu and Amulya without saying no to Sudharshanam. Observing this, Raj is participated in Amulya on ARK’s proposal, although Raj is currently in love with his cousin Nandu.

When Amulya shows her feelings for Bantu, he convinces her to inquire Ramachandra into call-off her union with Raj. Paidithalli’s dad, Appala Naidu, a strong and influential man, tries to kill Ramachandra for needing to sell the stocks moments before Amulya and Bantu arrive. Bantu saves Ramachandra by taking him into the hospital.

There he meets Sulochana, who comes from her coma and shows Bantu’s true parentage. The angry Bantu slaps Valmiki, telling him he learned the secret of his arrival.

Bantu then manages to input Ramachandra’s home, called”Vaikuntapuram.” ARK is fond of Bantu for rescuing Ramachandra. Bantu starts to deal with issues plaguing the home by minding Ramachandra’s broken connection with Yasu, settling the dispute with Paidathalli, also reforming the corrupt relatives, Kashiram and Sitaram.

In a party thrown in their property, Yasu witnesses Bantu and Amulya kissing each other. Bantu is ousted from the home from Valmiki while Amulya’s involvement with Raj is now cancelled.

Naidu utilizes the situation to his benefit by kidnapping and threatening to kill Nandu unless Ramachandra gives the shares away to Paidithalli. If Valmiki begs Bantu to rescue Nandu, he fails but goes anyhow. He thrashes that the goons slams Paidathalli, and stabs Naidu from the torso. Afterward, Raj saves Naidu, thus ending his enmity with Ramachandra.

After Bantu and Valmiki arrive in Vaikuntapuram, ARK slaps Valmiki and shows that he overheard the conversation between Sulochana and Bantu before her passing. Bantu combines with his biological dad, Ramachandra but asks him to not disclose the fact that Yasu, fearing she may be pleased to know that Raj isn’t her real kid. Unaware of the Yasu opinions that Bantu is equivalent to Raj because he rescued Nandu and the household, thus giving Bantu 50 percent of its own shares.

Yasu subsequently asks Valmiki to train Raj for five years to become as capable as Bantu and eventually become the CEO. After arriving in Valmiki’s home, Raj, however, believes that Valmiki, using a nurse’s aid, should have changed the babies 25 decades back so that he could have ended up in Valmiki’s home and Bantu in Ramachandra’s, much to the dismay of Valmiki. Meanwhile, Bantu heads to his new workplace as the CEO together with his wife Amulya at a helicopter, which makes Valmiki jealous.

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